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All You Need To Know About Milk And It's Benefits

Milk has been part of your diet since birth. First, its mother’s milk followed by cow milk, buffalo milk, goat milk, and various types of milk depending on the regional practice. Alternatives to dairy milk like soy milk and almond milk are also gaining popularity amongst those who are allergic to dairy milk. However, the health benefits of dairy milk are quite a lot and that makes it one of the most popular drinks amongst all age groups.

Benefits of Milk

Milk and its nutritional components

Milk is considered to be complete food because of its nutritional components. Some of the vital components of milk are described here –
  • Fat – Fat is considered to be unhealthy, but at the same time our body requires healthy fat to fight various odds. Whole milk contains more than 3% fat, but you can reduce the fat content by opting for skimmed milk or low-fat milk.
  • Protein – Milk is a rich source of protein. Just 1 cup serving of different types of milk would fetch 7 to 10 grams of protein. You may look for organic variety for more benefits.
  • Vitamin – You would get all vital vitamins except vitamin C by consuming milk. It has good amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B12, and vitamin D. Other vitamins like vitamin E, folate, vitamin K, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6 are also present in sufficient amount.
  • Minerals – This white nectar is full of calcium. Other minerals like potassium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, and zinc are also found in ample amounts.
  • Each glass of milk would provide you with all these nutrition along with carbohydrates and water. This is the reason why it is known as complete food.

Due to its rich nutritional value, milk offers many health benefits to ensure healthy body and mind.

Health benefits of milk

  1. Healthy bones and teeth – Most of us might have heard about this health benefit of milk. Calcium in milk is absorbed by your body only when there is enough vitamin D, hence it is recommended to have fortified milk that has a good amount of vitamin D. Milk in childhood would ensure healthy bone formation, whereas milk consumption by adults would offer protection against bone degradation and avoiding osteoporosis. Similarly, you can make your teeth stronger by avoiding tooth decay and cavities with regular milk consumption.
  2. Fights acid reflux – Acid reflux or heartburn would result from consuming spicy and oily food. Milk would suppress these food acids and give instant relief from heartburn.
  3. Say no to PMS – PMS is very common in females of all age group. Milk may not remove these symptoms completely, but drinking milk would offer relaxation that eases out the symptoms. It offers both mental and physical relaxation.
  4. Build healthy muscles – Milk contains protein, which is important for building muscles. Those involved in strength training may increase milk intake for healthy muscles. 
  5. Weight loss – Milk may not directly induce weight loss, but milk can be used to substitute other unhealthy snacks. This would eventually result in weight loss.
Milk and milk products can work as your nutrition powerhouse. Include them all in your diet to achieve both health and youth.

This article was kindly contributed by Karishma, a professional blogger and health enthusiast, who loves to share her knowledge about health and fitness through her blogs. Her love for finding information about nutritional foods reflects in her write-ups. She occasionally contributes her write-ups for Turmeric Curcumin Shop, an online shop dealing with pure turmeric curcumin extract’s benefits for various reasons.

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  1. You are absolutely correct. Using milk has always lot of benefits specially for growing children and students, it the best thing to drink daily.


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