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Which Mobile Web Browser Is Right For You?

Most people, these days, access internet using mobile devices for obvious reason i.e. convenience. You may be rereading this post via a tablet, phablet or smartphone. Whatever mobile device you are using, you need the right mobile web browser. One that renders pages well, for instance. Good thing, you don't have to gamble, below is an exhaustive review of top 10 mobile web browsers to help you choose the most convenient (Note: The order of listing doesn't reflect superiority or preference).

1. Chrome for Mobile: A Polished Browser

Google Chrome, a web browser from the internet giant Google Inc, is pre-installed in most if not all android gadgets running on version 4.0 or later. I'll therefore skip much introduction and take the features. And yes, it works on Windows (e.g Microsoft Lumia and Surface Pro) and iOS (e.g. iPhone and iPad).

Chrome for Mobile
Chrome on Android
Chrome uses the powerful WebKit Engine making it a wonderful choice. Here are the features

Key Features of Chrome Mobile

There are several factors contributing to Chrome’s popularity, especially among the Android and iPhone users. Briefly, Chrome:
  • Is available for Android (version 4.0 or later) and iOS (Version 5.0 or later)
  • Is completely free via the Google Play (for all Android phones and tablets) or App Store (for  iPhone, iPod and iPad) 
  • Allows Unlimited Tabbed Browsing and a faster search. Its support for hardware acceleration makes it possible to render pages even faster
  • Is very secure and stable
  • Supports HTML5 
  • Has the Chrome Developer Tools  
  • Has the Find in Page feature that promotes easy navigation through search results on the same page
  • Supports easy sync of desktop history and bookmarking once you sign in to Chrome Mobile. Once synced, you can import your passwords, get smart suggestions or even view open tabs
  • Has the Incognito Mode which guarantees full privacy when surfing. In other words, Google Chrome for mobile also supports private browsing. 


Whereas it is true that Google Chrome for Android is among the best mobile browsers, there are some downsides when using this mobile web browser. For Example:
  • The full-screen mode might make some tabs disappear at times
  • Chrome wont give you the best experience on some windows devices e.g. Surface Tablets (accept Surface Pros)
  • Others have reported it as having fonts recognition glitches
  • There may also be minor JavaScript Incompatibility issues associated with chrome  


Chrome has underdone a lot of 'refining'. You can trust trust it over Stock Android Browser. It will certainly cover your mobile web browsing needs.

How to download and Install

Depending on your mobile device Operating System, visit Google Chrome for iOSChrome for Windows or Chrome for Android to download the browser. [next]

2. Firefox Mobile: A Powerful Option

Mozilla Firefox team are into mobile internet technology; the popular desktop browser is now available for mobile devices. And that's not all, there exists Firefox Operating System on several smartphones today.

Firefox Mobile Review
Firefox On Android
Let’s see a few things about Firefox Mobile web browser. Anything closer to what we see on desktop version? Dig in...

Key Features of Firefox Mobile

Here are a few pros of Firefox Mobile:
  • It has faster page rendering and load times. Firefox Mobile uses the powerful Gecko Engine to render pages faster
  • It is completely free and Open Source
  • Allow Tabbed Browsing so that you can access multiple sites at the same time. RSS feeds, and unmatched speed-dial functionalities are included on the ‘Awesome Screen’. You can also share tabs with NFC-enabled handsets. By the way, NFC stands for Near Field Communication and facilitates sharing of identification data between devices in close range.
  • Has a search bar and speed-dial functionality to improve your browsing experience
  • Supports Web APIs (Application Programming Interface) and HTML5 (the latest Hypertext Markup Language used in most modern websites)
  • Enables you to control your internet privacy through built-in malware and phishing protection. In fact, features like Do Not Track ensures you only share what you want with other internet users. 
  • Supports Add-ons and other personalized features and 
  • Allows easy sync of Desktop Firefox Browser history and bookmarks with this mobile browser
  • Support Night Mode for improved night reading experience
  • Firefox for Android is enabled for WebRTC or what you would call a Real-Time Communication capability. It is mainly a project of Mozilla, Google and Opera. 
  • It is the default browser in Firefox phones like Huawei Y300II


Though it is still early to critic Firefox Mobile, there are issues worth pointing out and which the developer needs to work on if this Mobile Browser is to achieve the same success the desktop version has. For example, Firefox Mobile is:
  • Not cross-platform i.e. It only Supports Firefox OS and Android
  • New and prone to crashes and compatibility issues


Coming from a trusted and popular developer like Mozilla, Firefox Mobile web browser is worth giving a short. In fact, the Awesome Screen and it intuitive features bring unparalleled user experience even on your Android phone.

How to Download and Install

It is the default browser for Firefox phones thus no need for download. For Android users, go to Firefox For Android, download and install as instructed. Ensure you have a stable internet during installation. [next]

3. Microsoft Edge Mobile: Browse Faster

While not very popular, Windows Mobile Devices have unique features...Microsoft Edge Mobile Web Browser for instance. Anyone running Windows 10 on PC or phone already has an idea what Edge is. But if you don't, it is the successor of the once popular Internet Explorer.
Microsoft Edge is a browser built for productive web experiences. Search from the address bar or use Cortana. Save your favorites, reading list, browsing history, and downloads to the Hub. Your settings follow you to any PC or Windows 10 Mobile device ~Microsoft

Internet Explorer Logo
From the engine to theme, Microsoft Edge Mobile is a replica of the desktop version. Let’s look at some of the features of the browser which has been described as fast, lean and modern by top review sites.

Key Features of Internet Explorer Mobile

Apart from being fast, lean and modern, Microsoft Edge Mobile web browser:
  • Is free on all Windows 10 Mobile Devices i.e. the default browser for Window Mobile phones.
  • Has built-in inking and sharing features; you can highlight, write directly on  web page and share it instantly. 
  • Has Cortana (a built-in personal assistant) to help you discover more about a topic without leaving the page you are on. 
  • Has a built-in distraction-free reading view option to help you clear away the clutter and concentrate on the content. 
  • Has an easy to use User Interface and the best use of screen real estate/or the available browser screen. This browser makes use of the small screen by not including the many search bars or bookmark icons found on other browsers. 
  • Supports Touch Swipe which enables the user to swipe back to the previously visited  webpage
  • Has history feature so that you can track your web browsing session or simply revisit a previously visited url
  • Has Favorite feature that allows the user to save pages for later reading.
  • Is secure and support change of privacy and browser settings. It also has anti-phishing tool and InPrivate browsing option. 
  • Doesn't drain phone battery


As sleek as this browser may seem, there are some areas that it does perform poorly. For example, Microsoft Edge Mobile:
  • Isn't cross platform, not availble for all mobile operating systems
  • Has weak extension support, accepts very few extensions unlike Chrome or Firefox
  • Has Bing as the default search engine. While it's great, Bing is no match for Google Search 


For Window Phone owners, Microsoft Edge Mobile Browser remains the best choice. It's so customized for Windows phones than any other browser out there. And again, Microsoft will hopefully sort all the glitches in their latest release.

How to download and Install

If you run windows 10 enabled mobile device, you already have this browser. If you don't please visit Simply visit Windows Mobile App Store and see if your device is ready for an upgrade. [next]

4. Safari For Mobile: The Market Leader

A product of one of the technology giants, Safari is not just any other web browser. As strange as this may sound, this is the most popular web browser as far as browsing on Smartphones is concerned. Why?

Safari For Mobile
iPhone is among the most sold phones in the world, and it happens to have Safari Mobile as it default browser. Default in this case points to a preinstalled app. It thus goes without say that every iPhone/iPad owner has used Safari Browser once in a while or will continue using it if they choose not to download different browsers.

Many people love Apple because of simplicity and quality, qualities that are well reflected on Safari mobile web browser. Based on user reviews and the number of concerns expressed, Safari gives Smartphone users the best browsing experience. Users who download safari have also increased.

Key Features of Safari Mobile Browser

Safari has the largest market share by the virtue of being on every iPhone and iPad. And as you know the guys at Apple do take their time to develop products the user will always appreciate. But that's not what endears this browser to many. It has additional features (some very unique) that propel its popularity. For instance, Safari Mobile web browser:
  • Has a very simple User Interface
  • Is free and pre-installed on all iOS internet-enabled gadgets e.g. iPhone 6s and iPad Air
  • Allows multiple actions on a single page i.e. you can share, bookmark and email a page without opening another tab
  • Supports Tabbed Browsing, Reading List (the feature that enables you to save a page for later reading)
  • Is secure as it can block third-party data and cookies, allow private browsing and supports the Do Not Track privacy standard.
  • Has built-in power-saving technologies to encourage longer surfing hours
  • Avail free update from iTunes (Apple’s App Store)


As reputable as the company is, there are some issues with Safari browser, which may adversely affect the user experience. For example, it:
  • Has small Screen Space i.e. features are closely packed unlike in Opera or Firefox
  • Doesn't support Flash and thus a substandard video integration compared to Stock Android Browser or Chrome
  • May have some glitches here and there (as reported by some users)
  • Is available only available on Apples’ iOS platform thus locking out millions of Android, Windows and Java phone owners.


Though it lacks the video rendering abilities of Android Browser, it still gives the iPhone user the simplest and friendliest surfing experience. You should only be concerned with Safari Mobile Browser if your mobile device runs iOS and the latest OS X Mavericks. Otherwise, go for the other mobile browsers such as Opera, UC Web and Chrome.

How to download and Install

You might not need a fresh installation in most cases as Safari is pre-installed on the iPhone and iPad. However, you can get the latest updates via iTunes or the App Store. The Safari download or update process is usually an easy one and doesn't take long if your internet is good.[next]

5. UC Browser: Trusted By Over 400 Milliion Users

While most people prefer brand names and popular products, others look at the quality and not just the name. UC Browser has both the popularity and offers amazing mobile browsing experience. It is also arguably the fastest growing Web 2.0 browsing in the world.

According to their website, the browser has attracted over 400 million users across the globe. The fact that the company has physical addresses in India, United States and China just attest to the level of seriousness and will to grow even further.
UC Browser Review
A screenshot of UC Browser on Android
So, what is UC Web Browser? Well, it is a cross-platform browser for Android, Symbian and Java phones and tablets by the fastest growing mobile browser developer i.e. UCWeb Inc. This browser uses the company’s proprietary U3 Engine to deliver faster and secure mobile surfing.

While the intention of the post isn't to promote UC Web Browser, it is difficult to ignore that about.com rated it at first place barely a year after its release Similarly, it has always appeared as a top product at Getjar from 2010.

Personally, I started using this browser when it was at version 7 for Java phones and still using it at version 9 (which is the latest for Java phones).

Key features of UC Browser

You may be wondering why this new browser is gaining popularity day by day. Here are some positive things about UC Browser:
  • It works in almost all the major Mobile Operating Systems (Android, iOS, Symbian, Java, Windows Phone, and Blackberry etc). It is also available for iPad and other Android Tablets
  • It is free and comes preinstalled in some new phones brands (as seen in some Tecno Smartphones and hundreds of other cell phones)
  • It is available in more than 10 languages 
  • It allows Tabbed Browsing and supports Multitouch Gesture when using tabs (on Touchscreen phones)
  • It has copy and paste features and allows one to select and send web excerpts as SMS to mobile numbers
  • It has a simple speed-dial screen, search bar with a voice command (found in Smartphone versions) 
  • It has a download  manager  and offers cloud Storage
  • It can save Passwords and Usernames for easier page access


Based on my experience, this rather faultless browser is:
  • Unstable when it comes to real-time news feeds
  • May fail to connect when the UC Servers are down
  • Prone to minor technical glitches


If you’re looking for a fast, secure cross-platform mobile browser, then UC Browser should be among your first choices. Being free irrespective of the multitude of functionalities is a big plus. Now, as long as the developers are dedicated to refining the browser UC Web will always be a good mobile app to download.

How to Download and Install

Just like in Opera Mini, you must direct your phone browser to wap.ucweb.com. Alternatively, you can get it from Google Play (for android Users) Ovi Store (for Symbian and Nokia users in particular) or Getjar (the largest independent app store in the world) for generic devices or java phones.

Once you are at the download page, you will be directed to the most suitable version for your gadget/phone. The entire download process won’t take long provided  you have a working internet connection.

Just don’t download from sites that want you to subscribe to emails or ad-supported sites. As mentioned before, UC Browser is free to download and use (read terms of use). [next]

6. Opera Mini: Most Popular Mobile Browser 

Nowadays, people prefer mobile devices to traditional desktop computing gadgets. In fact, the rise of in the use of laptops, notebook, netbook, tablets and smartphones is evident. Mobile technology has ensured uninterrupted access to the internet.

With mobile devices you don't have to miss other computing services while not at home or in the office. As technology advances, even a laptop is nowadays considered heavy and being abandoned slowly as people crave for lighter and smaller internet gadgets.

Opera Mini Interface
While a Laptop or Desktop PC can easily use a full Web Browsers, Web 2.0 or the mobile web has a different requirement. Fortunately, all internet enabled phones, phablets and tablets have an inbuilt browser. 

Now, some of these inbuilt browsers are capable of supporting HTML 5 and Flash while others are just too simple for that (especially default browsers of most cell phones or feature phone). It is not strange for users to look for alternative mobile browsers elsewhere.

Unlike desktop web browsers, the mobile browsers still struggle with compatibility and page rendering issues among other glitches. So, the user should be well informed before they download any mobile browser.

The article starts with the most popular and stable cross-platform mobile web browser i.e. Opera Mini. This browser is developed by the Norwegian Firm that develops the  desktop browser by the same name. Briefly, Opera Mini is stable, faster and beautifully designed.

Key Features 

Opera is very popular among feature phones, Java based phone and Symbian phone users due to the fact that it:
  • Is available in different versions to suit as many phones as possible. It is highly optimized for iOS 7 which runs iPhone 5s. Opera mini also give a great performance with Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Allow tabbed browsing and supports both touchscreen and keypad phones
  • Fastest due to the page compression technology it uses
  • Allow page zooming
  • Has an unmatched support for HTML 5
  • Is free to download and use. 


While Opera Mini is cross-platform, it also has its share of shortfalls. For instance, Opera Mini:
  • May not be secure as data has to pass via Opera servers
  • Doesn't Support Flash thus cannot stream videos from YouTube 
  • Poor video rendering  and integration which lowers the user experience 
  • Occasional Page Loading Issues or even crashes
  • Depends on opera’s servers and thus prone to server glitches


Apart from a smaller screen space and few security concerns here and there, Opera Mini is one of the best mobile web browsers. Its interface and support for HTML 5 is excellent. In fact, supporting almost all mobile platforms makes it the preferred choice for many.

How to download and Install

Opera Mini is a cross–platform mobile browser thus giving the user enough download options to choose from. Here is the brief description of the supported Operating Systems to help you choose the right download option:
  • Java (J2ME) - Found on Nokia Asha, LG T510 and ZTE F160 among thousands of other handsets. Very few phone manufacturers are still using this platform
  • Symbian S60 - Which was the best choice for Samsung, Sony Ericson, Nokia and Motorola before they upgraded to Android or Windows Mobile
  • Blackberry OS – Currently at version 10.2, Blackberry OS is the only OS used in Blackberry phones. Examples of such phones include Blackberry Bold, Curve, Q5, Q10,  Z10 and Z30 among others
  • iOS –Currently at version 7 is Apple’s operating system. It is therefore the only OS running the iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPod among other gadgets from Apple Inc.
  • Android – Owned by Google and considered the most popular OS (especially when it comes to Smartphone’s), Android is at version 4.4.2 (KitKat). Examples of popular phones running on this platform include Google Nexus 5, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z1 among others
  • Windows Phone –At version 8 (i.e. Windows Mobile 8) is the OS found in Nokia Lumia 1020, Limia 1520 and Lumia Icon among other Lumia Series and Huawei Ascend W1. The OS is developed by Microsoft. 
  • Other Proprietary Mobile Operating System found in LG or ZTE and Chinese phones
To download Opera Mini, simply visit m.opera.com using your phone’s inbuilt browser. You will then be direct to the best version (e.g. 3.0 Basic for low-end phones and 7.0 for powerful Java phones or Android) for your handset.

Simply choose the correct language and download the file. Run and install as directed. Just make sure you don’t violate the Terms of Use

7. Opera Mobile Review: Understand The Premium Version

Not to be confused with the free Opera Mini is the Opera Mobile. According to the Opera Website, both Mini and Mobile versions use the Presto Browser Engine and works with the major Mobile Operating Systems. 

Opera Mobile Review
Opera Mobile On A Tab
You shouldn’t however, expect to use Opera Mobile on phones other than Windows Mobile (has Internet Explorer Mobile as the default browser), Android or Symbian/S60. 

So, where is the difference between the otherwise similar Mobile Browsers? Well, they actually differ in terms of how they download pages. 

While Opera Mini download pages via Opera server, Opera Mobile’s server is installed on your phone thus capable of downloading pages directly from the source. Opera Mobile also renders page like a desktop browser unlike the Mini Version which compresses pages. 

Key Features of Opera Mobile

As earlier mentioned, Opera Mobile:
  • Offers better page rendering
  • Has excellent HTML 5 support
  • Has a reliable customer care and support 
  • Has inbuilt server/allows direct fetching of pages 
  • Is more stable


Just like Opera Mini, this browser has challenges that users might want to know before download. For example, Opera Mobile:
  • Is not free
  • Lacks support for flash 
  • Has poor video integration and rendering. You can’t stream videos directly from the page you are visiting. 
  • May not be as fast as Opera Mini due to the quality of page rending it offers
  • Doesn’t support Java phones or iOS 7


If you are a windows phone user or own other high-end Symbian phones (e.g. Sony Ericson and Nokia) then this is the best option for you. Since it not free, Opera Mobile users should have Wi-Fi to cut down the data cost. 

Otherwise, it is more stable, and user can get live support in time. While it is still important to mention that this version of Opera Browser doesn’t support Java phones or Apple gadgets, it is still among the best mobile browsers out there. 

How to Download and Install

The following versions of Opera Mobile are currently available for download via m.opera.com
  • Opera Mini 10 Keypad  for Windows Mobile
  • Opera Mini 10 Touch for Windows Mobile
  • Opera Mobile 12 (Symbian/S60)
  • Opera Mobile 12.1 (Android 1.6+)
  • Opera Mobile 16 (Android 2.3+)
Provided you have you visited the above url via your phone’s default browser, you will be directed to the most suited version and prompted to download (of course after choosing the language). Just as with Opera Mini, run Opera Mobile after download and install as prompted.[next]

8. Dolphin Browser: So Revolutionary And Fast 

If the number of downloads at Google Play is anything to go by, then Dolphin Browser is arguably the most popular android browser.

Dolphin on Android
This intuitive Android browser is the product of Mobotap Inc (a San Francisco-based technology firm priding itself in the development of ‘the most revolutionary mobile browser’).

According to the company’s site, Dolphin aims at transforming the way people experience the mobile web. Well, there is much to support that statement.

First, the over 80 million downloads on Google Play and more than 50 million downloads at iTunes just show how popular the browser is among Android and iOS users.

Key Features of Dolphin Mobile Browser

Now, let’s take a sneak preview into some of the reasons why people love Dolphin Mobile Browser. The fact that it is free for use on your iPhone 5s or HTC One aside, Dolphin Browser has:

  • Android Gesture which allows the user to open certain sites by drawing symbols. For instance, one can access a favorite dating site by simply drawing the heart symbol. Similarly, one can scroll down or up the page by drawing the respective arrows
  • The powerful Sonar Voice Command feature which navigates web pages based on what one says. For instance, the browser will open a New Tab by you just telling it
  • Has the Share and Save to Evernote or box features to improve organized mobile surfing
  • A sync feature known as Dolphin Connect that allows you to import bookmarks, passwords and history from computers and other connected devices. One only needs to install the appropriate desktop extensions to enjoy this feature
  • An App store where you can easily access hundreds of popular sites like Twitter, Facebook , Wikipedia and Amazon among 
  • Supports Android or iOS Add-ons, Flash Video and Tabbed Browsing
  • Jetpack for faster speeds and excellent HTML 5 rendering
  • Both Desktop and Mobile view mode and has one of the best User Interface to boost user experience and satisfaction
  • Sidebar to allow launching of additional features. This also means it makes a good use of the screen real estate
  • Dolphin Key to allow access to the browsers setting tabs and other feature through a single swipe.


Irrespective of the many positive features mentioned above, there are some issues with is browser. For example Dolphin web browser:
  • Is not easy to use and customize
  • Automatically replaces the default browsers
  • May show ads depending on the version one uses


When all things are considered, dolphin Browser is a recommendable download. In fact, it is not strange for even the best app to have some bugs and technical hitches. As long as the developers agree to continually monitor and fix them, Dolphin is a wonderful app.

How to download and Install

Simply visit the Google Play or iTunes and search for Dolphin among browsers. Accept the Terms of Use and download. In both cases the process takes shorter if the internet speed is good and stable.[next]

9. One Browser: The Most Versetile Browser

If you are looking for a simple, fast, free and cross-platform browser, then One Browser should feature in your choices. According to the developers (i.e. Tencent Mobile International Limited), this browser is just a normal app delivering extraordinary things browsing experience.

One Browser
From One Browser HomaPage
Since its release, phrases like ‘blazing fast’, ‘superb video rendering’ and ‘the most versatile browser yet’ have been used to describe this browser. In fact, its description at both Google Play and iTunes points to a dual engine that makes it the fastest browsers yet.

Key Features of One Browser

Apart from being available for iOS 7, Java, Blackberry 10, Android 4.2 and Symbian S60 Operating systems (and of course being free), One Browser has the following advantages:
Fully and excellent support for HTML 5
  • A Smart View feature that renders pages in basic view especially when one is on slow network
  • A powerful Download Manager that supports background download even during calls. In fact, the browser supports Multi-threaded Downloads
  • Support website view switch i.e. easy change between Basic and Desktop Views
  • A modern User Interface with numerous skins to change as one wishes
  • Allows customization of fonts  as well as capture selected parts of the page or the entire page for use
  • A Night Surfing Mode for comfortable reading at night
  • An enhanced connectivity to wireless networks in the most stable way possible
  • Favorite sites are embedded on the browser for easy navigation and access. One Browser also supports browsing history and bookmarks
  • Features like Auto-Completion Of Urls, Tabbed Browsing, Embedded Search Engines (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Aol) and Advanced Compression Technology only help to set this browser apart


It is without doubt that One Browser is not flawless. There are things that still need improvement or fixing. For instance:
  • It doesn’t support Window Phones and thus locking out thousand of Windows Phone users
  • There are security and technical glitches that need to be fixed especially on rendering

How to download and Install

Since this is a cross platform Mobile Browser, the right download site depends entirely on the type of the phone one is using. The following information from the developer's site might help you choose the right download package:
  • Android Version 3.5 – has a download manager and Evernote integration
  • Blackberry Version 3.0 – free browser for Blackberry business phones
  • Java version 3.1 – has a powerful download manager
  • Symbian S60 Version 5 – for most high-end Nokia, Sony Ericson and Samsung phones (those not using Android or Windows Mobile OS)
  • iOS Version 2.1 – for iPhone and iPad
All android users should look for One Browser on Google Play just like Java users can get if from Getjar or any other credible jar site. Alternatively, you can visit one-browser.com on your phone’s inbuilt browsers and select your phone brand and model for the most appropriate download.[next]

10. Maxthon Mobile Browser: A Worthy Alternative

While Maxthon Cloud Browser for mobile devices may not be as popular as Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari it is not a new in the block. The lack publicity might be attributed to the rampant internet monopoly where major players hold tight to their market share. 

Maxthon Mobile Browser
Screenshot Of Maxthon Mobile
On the other hand, their non-vigorous marketing strategies may be the reason why you haven’t heard of Maxthon yet. Popularity or not, Maxthon for Mobile is just as refined as any other browser would be. 

Before getting lost into excusing this mobile browser’s alleged lack of popularity, it is important to know a few things about Maxthon Cloud Browser. First, it is developed by Maxthon Limited (a technology firm in San Francisco California, USA). 

Their product, a web browser by the same name, has won several awards and has positive reviews from major reviewers. As they put, this browser is faster and fun.

After using the desktop version for over 6 months, I can confirm with authority that they are good when it comes to speed and apps (easily accessible at their web app store). You can also add as many apps as you wish to the sidebar. 

Interestingly, most of the Maxthon desktop features are available in the mobile versions. This makes it one of the best Mobile Web browsers out there worth trying on Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.

Key features of Maxthon Cloud Browser

Here are the main features that make Maxthon a worthy competitor in an already flooded field:
  • It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile phones
  • It has several Cloud services such as Cloud Push (for sending messages and images ), Cloud Share, Cloud Download, Tabs and Sync features
  • It is capable of Full Screen Browsing with Multi-Tab Gestures. It also allows page size adjustment for better browsing experience
  • It has a fully loaded and easy to use App Center
  • It has the Super Gesture feature for closing, creating, restoring and switching tabs. One can also create their own gestures
  • It has Smart Reading features such as Night Mode, Reader Mode (with adjusted fonts) and Read-Ahead which automatically pre-loads pages for faster browsing experience
  • Maxthon supports RSS feed, Offline Download and content sharing 
  • It is fully customized for Windows Phone 8 and iOS 7 and Android 4.2
  • It ensures privacy, switching screen orientation and has brightness control features even on the iOS platform 


Maxthon, like other mobile browsers has its own flaws. For instance:
  • It doesn’t Support Java and Blackberry platforms 
  • It is not that refined on Windows Phone and has some crashes and delays
  • It is slightly slower on Windows Phone 8.


Apart from the glitches on Windows phone 8, Maxthon Cloud browser is excellent on Android and iOS. In addition, it is free and has a wealth of cloud technology that is very difficult to ignore. Fortunately, their team promises to fix all the issues through regular updates.

How to Download and Install

There are three (3) download and installation options for Maxthon users:
  • Windows Mobile users simply need visit Windows and select Maxthon browser under the Apps Section
  • iOS users, Apple’s iTunes is the download site. Search for Maxthon and download as instructed. 
  • Finally, Android users can easily download and install Maxthon directly from Google Play. Whichever download method you are suing, make sure you read the terms of use and instructions on how to get started.
You can also visit their website to get more reviews and instructions on how to download. Alternatively, you can download Maxthon 3 Cloud Browser for desktop and test it you

Remember to share your experience or questions about the top 10 Mobile Web Browsers via the comment box.


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