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Travel Tips To Make Your Trip Easier

No one said travelling was easy. Traffic jams, delays at airports, thousands of people in one place, a country you have never visited.
Travel Tips

A pinch of surprise is always there to remind you of the quote by Qalam Nur: “Expect the unexpected.” Even though you cannot plan everything in advance, there are some tips and tricks which can help you make your trip as easy as possible.

Pack your smartphone with apps

Be prepared to get bored during your flight. Before you leave home, make a list of all the apps you will need. Download and install all travel apps and all your favorite games.
Travel Tips

You may not have an opportunity to do this during your trip. Among others, sudoku games should definitely be on your app list. Sudoku is an addicting brain game with the help of which you will forget about both time and place.

Look for offline navigation apps

Especially if you are travelling abroad, there is a chance you will not always have Wi-Fi access and data roaming is not an option. On top of that, preserving battery life is a number one priority. Taking a screenshot of a map is possible, but there is a better way. Navigation apps with offline maps. Google maps is one of the most common navigation apps offering offline maps with voice directions.
Travel Tips

On the other hand, for $14.99, you can get CoPilot, including ActiveTraffic, which finds the quickest routes based on live traffic information. If you opt for Komoot, you will get trail recommendations depending on your fitness level.

Get to the airport early

For domestic flights at a major airport, you should be there two hours early if you have bags to check. Without bags, you can get there 90 minutes before departure. If you are heading to a small regional airport, 60, or 90 minutes ahead of departure is fine.
Travel Tips

However, for international flights, you may need to plan for 3 extra hours. Holiday travel is especially hectic, so add one additional hour for each type of airport.

Safety and security

The State Department’s travel warnings and alerts should be on every traveler’s checklist. Travel alerts are issued for short-term events, such as demonstrations, health alerts, strikes, etc. while travel warnings can include an unstable government, civil war, or terrorist attacks. Print out the address and contact information of the embassy.

Travel Tips

On Google maps, you have the option of saving a place, so do this with the address of the embassy. Make copies of the passport, the airplane ticket, the driver’s license and credit cards. Leave one copy at home, carry the second copy with you, but keep it separate from the originals.

Useful products

Wireless earbuds are a lightweight alternative to traditional headphones, allowing you to keep your phone in your pocket all the time. If you are a cooking enthusiast eagerly waiting to try the local street food, you should have a utensil set with you at all times. A portable espresso maker fits into your bag and does not require a battery nor electricity since they are hand-powered. Finally, get yourself a mini compact umbrella. Some of them measure less than 7 inches.

Travel Tips

Before a trip, make a checklist of all essential items. Always check it twice. Leave early, know your emergency contacts, download all the apps you will be using. You are ready for an adventure.

This article has been kindly contributed by Marie Nieves.Find her on Twitter


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