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Top 100 Freelance Websites For Writers

The internet is littered with thousands of sites promising instant riches to writers. But as you already know, not all are what they claim to be; some are scams. To save you time, I have listed up to 100 freelance sites for writers like you. And you don't have to worry for I have verified that all the linked sites actually offer what they promise.

I know you are not here for small talk, let's jump right into the list. Just one more thing, go through the list (one site at a time), check whether they are accepting new writers, note their requirements and start applying. On to the list now..

Freelance Job Sites For Writers
Typical freelance writer's desk - Free Image via Google

General Freelance Sites

1. Freelancer 

Undoubtedly the largest  freelance site today. If you are are a writer then this is the first site you need to visit. There are hundreds of thousand of clients who want freelancers to do all manner of jobs. Gladly writing orders takes the lion’s share on this site. 

There is a little challenge though; Freelancer is a bidding site. You have to tell the client why they should hire you. Don't despair, it's not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, with a completed profile, passed English exams and a good portfolio (i.e. samples of your work) you should do just fine.

Tips: Don’t list so many skills as this will confuse the clients. Again, don’t give up even if nothing good comes from your first 10 bidding.  I’d suggest you visit other freelancers’ profiles and pick one or two new things.

The site provides a wonderful way to begin your week as it has a collection of freelance gigs. Write Jobs is updated 6 days a week, offering a regular serving of remote and/or freelance job leads and paid writing opportunities

Tryout Write Jobs and start earning online today!

3. Upwork

I joined this site a long  time ago and couldn't get any job. Not that there were no jobs (there are thousands of those on the site) but because I didn't understand the system. I even failed the Upwork Ready Test which is something the clients value there.

Avoid my mistakes, tell the client why you are the right person to hire in terms of expertise and experience. Sharing your past work is a good way to back your great CV.

4. Guru

Guru is popular for multimedia freelance jobs. However, there are also thousands of gigs under the Writing and Translation section and that’s where you should focus your energy. If you hate bidding sites, then you need more patience since this is yet another competitive freelance bidding site. 

What makes bidding even more difficult is the extremely low bids from desperate writers. Some even struggle with spelling and English is far from being their fourth language. Well, that is what you will be competing against before you land some reliable clients who will send you direct job or what we call ‘job invites’. 

Find out more about Guru and start your online business today.

5. Craigs List

Have you hear about Craigslist? Ok, this is like a free job listing site. You are sure of getting hundreds of writing job offers in your area. That means you have to keenly understand the job requirement and only apply if you feel qualified. 

I remember a friend telling me how he attracted traffic to his blog via Craigslist. She posted fake jobs and gave links that would lead to her blog. I wasn't impressed for the obvious reason; she was taking advantage of serious job seekers to hype her blog’s popularity. What I’m saying is that you don’t need to waste time chasing fake jobs.

6. Demand Studios

This is where freelance filmmakers meet. Of course there is something for writers too. Demand studio is not a bidding site. So, be prepared to prove that you are qualified before you start taking orders. They pay better if you are qualified.

Hint: Have at least a Bachelors Degree to work at the site.

7. iFreelance

Notice that ‘i’ so that you don’t confuse this site with the Freelancer.com. At iFreelance you also bid. However, there is a little twist. You need to pay for membership. There are three types of member i.e. Basic, Silver and Gold. 

Here is the surprise package, your chances of getting hired are as high. After all, you are paying to be a member and there is no way you will continue the membership unless you are guaranteed a job.

8. People Per Hour

People Per Hour (PPH) is another freelance site which accepting international writers. Like any other freelance site, you must know how the system works for you to make meaningful progress. Read
more about People Per Hour and make an informed decision.

9. Freelance Switch (now part of Evanto)

The site is now known as Evento studio. They say this merger of services is to make the site bigger and better. Well, that is for you to decide. Freelance Switch is another writing site you can exploit and make decent income.

10. Journalism Jobs

This site may require some background in journalism. For starters, the name explains it all and then the nature of freelance writing jobs on the site are journalistic in nature. Check if you are qualified and start earning.

11. Freelance Writing Jobs

This is a Canadian Freelance Site. The site is updated daily, meaning you don't have to deal with expired job listings. The requirements are also straightforward. Try it out.

12. iWriter

This is for those who want work but not good at bidding. At iWriter you simply pick a task, write according to client's request and wait for your money. Payments is weekly or as you wish. Granted, iWriter will pay you and pay you well, if you are a good writer.

That I have explained numbers 1-12 doesn't make the sites more special. I just did. So, don't be surprised if you end up making more from the sites below. I have also linked every site to the 'how it works' or 'about us' section. Enjoy!

Academic Writing Sites 

These are sites for freelance academic writers. Most of the work involves research and writing term papers, dissertations and any other essay the students may want. Overall, Academic sites pay more than most writing gigs. 

Please only apply if you have the requisite academic qualifications and at peace with common citation styles. If you feel you have what it takes to to join the academic writing field,  don't hesitate. Visit the link and apply.

These are sites that pay you to submit quality articles and blog posts. Some pay well and may only accept native English speakers. You may also sell your articles for up to $100 in some of these sites. Go through each and apply where convenient.

Content Mills

Content mills allow clients to post article requests so that writers can pick the ones they are comfortable with. Payment tend to depend on how the ratings you get from the clients. Don't be stranded at content mills, read 'How to make content mills work for you' then visit these sites and apply where necessary. 

78. Textun
83. Zerys 
84. Swarm Content

Paid To Comment

One of the easiest way of making cash when you are free. Imagine just comment on a topic you love and getting paid to do that! Well, that is what you are signing up for when you join the sites listed below. Read the rules for every forum or blog you will be posting on. 

85.   ForumCoin

Revenue Sharing Sites

Writing for revenue sharing sites can be frustrating is you don't know how it works. In brief, you provide original content (based on a particular site's posting guidelines) then promote it to get views. You then paid a percentage of the ad revenue your articles collect. It is that simple. 

87. Knoji
91. Snipsly
95. Bukisa
96. Article Insider
97. You Say Too
98. Wizzley
99. Oondi
100. Brighthub

As at the time of publishing this list however, all the sites are working and accepting writers. You may also want to run a blog of your own to complement your income from freelance writing. When that time comes, just jump to Blogging Tips. Good luck in all you do.


  1. Freelancer, oDesk & Elance are 3 most popular freelance websites so far. They also They also have the largest database, that's why they are so much poplar.
    Good list! Thanks.

    1. The only problem is you cannot easily get a job there. Some bids at Odesk and Freelancer are ridiculous.

      I hope you are shared the post widely.

    2. Hi Samson, unfortunately you are right, it's not easy at all and you have to be very persistent. These websites have their pros and cons. I personally think we should have a presence on all freelance websites, you never know where are you going to get a job.
      Thanks again.

    3. I got a skype interview the other day after posting a very low bid at Odesk. Like you said, persistence is the key to unlocking jobs at the bidding sites.

  2. Great list! I'll be sure to check out some of the sites you listed. This is really a big help. By the way, there are new revenue sharing writing sites that I think should be mentioned like Daily Two Cents and WritEdge. Here's actually a list of some more: http://writedge.com/passive-income-writing-sites-with-and-without-google-adsense-account/ Hope this helps and thanks for the list!

    1. Just checked the like and must say it is helpful. I'll include the sites you suggested to the list.

  3. That's an awesome list. I just wanted to mention http://galilea3.com a site for freelancing services where services can be posted in 7 languages. We aim to increase freelancers' across the globe by eliminating language barriers.

    1. I visited galilea3.com and must say it a good site though new. Have you landed a job there?

  4. Its great having this list of 100 freelance job sites for article writers. It would be helpful to many newbies and experts seeking for freelance writing opportunities online.

    However, I concur with the takeaway shared "Having the list does not matter. What matters is whether you will TAKE ACTION." Every interested blogger or freelancer should put this to heart.

    I shared this comment in kingged.com where this post was upvoted.

    1. Glad you found the list helpful. Welcome to explore my blog for more tips on topics that matter to you.

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  11. Thank you so much Samson. You are helping more Kenyans than you realize.

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