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Monday, December 1, 2014

10 Interesting Places You May Never Visit

Are you one of those people whose interests revolves around traveling and adventure? Ok, here is some surprise for you; there are places on this earth you can never visit unless otherwise.

It doesn't matter if you had money for your bedding, the destinations that make it to this list are out of bounds for over 99.999999% of the world population. Here are the 10 most guarded places on earth to the extent that the word ‘exclusive’ cannot sufficiently describe the type of access.

1. Raf Menwith Hill

This is the exclusive British Spy Headquarters and touted as the largest (electronic) monitoring station ever. As amazing as this site may be, you cannot visit or go near it.
Raf Menwith Hill
Raf Menwith Hill (Image Credit: Flickr
According to sources, the area has the several ground satellite stations connected to major intelligent networks. It collects, intercepts and transmits high secret intelligence data. Its secret nature might be attributed to the type of data it collects e.g. Phone calls, messages and emails to combat terrorism and other vices.
In the popular imagination, this facility is filled with spies scanning our private conversations and intruding on the intimate details of our daily lives. Whether deserved or not, Menwith Hill has a reputation as the ultimate Big Brother, listening in on what everybody else is saying, but with not a lot to say for itself -

2. Mount Weather Emergency Operation Center

Set up in the 50s (during the cold war), this center was built as the ultimate safe zone just in case of a massive attack. It is mainly dealing with disaster management via the Federal Emergency management Agency (FEMA).
Mount Weather FEMA
Mount Weather FEMA (Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Now, you would want to go there and see how wonderful the center is, right? Sorry, just perish the thought since it is highly guarded and its operations highly classified. You may guess the reasons.
The facility is a major relocation site for the highest level of civilian and military officials in case of national disaster, playing a major role in U.S. continuity of government - Wikipedia 

3. Ise Grand Shrine

The word shrine here should not confuse you, we are talking of more than a hundred (100) shrines here. Briefly, this is the holiest shrine in the country of the rising sun and has been in existence for over 2000 years.
Ise Grand Shrine
Ise Grand Shrine Garden (Image Credit: Flickr)
I bet the short description of the Sun goddess shrine is already psyching you to visit. Hold on to that thought since the only visitors allowed are priest and priestess from the royal family. How many people are members of the Japanese imperial family let alone being a priest or priestess?
According to tradition, the Inner Shrine was founded in 4 BC; but historians date it to the 3rd century AD. The Outer Shrine was founded in the late 5th century AD. Around 680 AD, Emperor Temmu established Ise as the primary Shinto shrine of imperial Japan and built the first temple on the site. The first rebuilding ceremony took place under his wife, Empress Jito, in 692 - Sacred Destinations

4. Room 39 

Ok, this might be tricky considering the number of people who might even be interested to visit North Korea. If what the media reports be going on there are anything to go by, then even visiting Pyongyang might be challenged let alone Room 39.

Nonetheless, you need to know that the room is under the control of North Korea’s Military leader and is used for currency trade. It deals with over 120 companies and operates over 20 offshore bank accounts.
Room 39
Arial View of Room 39 (Image Credit: List25)
Some even say it deals in sales of weapon, money laundering and drug smuggling. Trust me, it does not matter what they do here since its existence is vehemently denied by ruling Kim dynasty. Do you see yourself in Room 39 one of these fine days? I do not think so.
The organization holds as much as $5 billion in funds, and may be involved in illegal activities, such as counterfeiting $100 bills (see Superdollar), production of controlled substances (including the synthesis of methamphetamine and the conversion of morphine-containing opium into pure opiates, like heroin) and international insurance fraud - Wikipedia

5. Area 51

Located in southern Nevada is an exclusive military base nicknamed Area 51. Primarily, this highly secretive base handles the development and testing of weapon systems and aircrafts.
Area 51
A sign post near Area 51 (Image Source: Flickr)
So, there is also a secretive airstrip at the base. What will surprise you is that the government even denies the existence of such a base and ready to use ‘deadly force’ against trespassers. Do not even think of going there, unless you prepared to leave us soon.
It's the most famous military installation in the world, yet it doesn't officially exist. Area 51-- a site for covert Cold War operations-- has long been a magnet for crackpots, conspiracy theorists, and the overly curious. While there may not be truth to the rumours that Area 51 is a haven for UFO's and extraterrestrials, it's clear that the US government has been up to something in Area 51 for decades, and it turns out there is a kernel of truth to even some of the wildest speculation. Underground tunnels… Hidden enemy aircraft… Secret government UFO files - National Geographic Channel

6. White's Gentlemen's Club

One of the oldest members' club is this English Gentlemen’s Club. Described as a place of bizarre betting for the royalties and the top in the political class, the membership here is almost impossible for even the most famous influential politicians.
White's Gentlemen's Club
White's Gentlemen's Club (Image Credit: Paul Farmer/WikiCommons)
It is of course, out of bounds for women and the common man. According to sources, you can only join by an ‘approved invitation’ i.e. Invited by a member with the approval of at least two other members.
The club remains of the male-only persuasion. A plethora of Royals are presently members including the heir to the throne, Prince Charles - The Culture Trip

7. Moscow Metro-2

This is the unconfirmed/denied secret underground metro network connecting Kremlin to important government stations. According to reliable rumors, it is about 200 meters deeper and longer than the Moscow’s Public Metro Network.
Metro - 2
Metro - 2 (Image By : Gregor Fischers
Speculations are ripe that that Moscow Metro-2 is connects FSB headquarters, Vnukovo-2 government airport) and underground town (Ramenki). If you think this is a tourist attraction then you very wrong.
Moscow Metro 2 was built during Stalin times and codenamed "D-6" by the Russian KGB. Its main purpose was to allow swift and hidden transportation as well as evacuation of Soviet leaders in the event of nuclear war - Moscow Russia Insider's Guide

8. Club 33 

Disneyland is so popular and abuzz with public events. What you might not know however, is the presence of a strict members club in the heart of this famous facility.
Club 33
Club 33 (Image Credit: Flickr)
Not only is the membership to the club expensive (about $30,000 or more) but the fact that you have to apply and wait for over 14 years. That is how impossible it is to join the Club 33 on the Royal Street of Disneyland’s New Orleans Section.
Club 33 is the only place in Disneyland that serves alcoholic beverages. The dress code is “resort dressy” — the equivalent of “business casual” or better -

9. Vatican Secret Archives

The fact that the Vatican has many secrets is not news. For example, it is a state (country) within a city! If that is not complicated already then the word ‘complicated’ must be redefined. One of the most secretive places in the Vatican is the ‘Secret Archives’.
The Vatican
The Vatican Museum (Image Source: Flickr)
Do not let the name fool you though as you can read virtually anything from the archive. The problem is that you cannot enter the archive and can only request a book/document to be brought to you and it has to be more than 75 years old.

One bragging right around here is the over 30000 volumes and what could well be over 80 Kms of shelving.
Pope Paul V created the Secret Archives in 1612. Four hundred years later, the Vatican celebrated by making 100 items available for public viewing for the first time. The exhibit, Lux in Arcana, shed some light on the papal past and provided some color to events that shaped history - Crux

10. Mezhgorye Town

Another guarded secret of the Russians is Mount Yamantau. Believed to a nuclear facility or bunker, this area is of limit for even the prying intelligent eyes.
Mezhgorye Town
Welcome Sign at Mezhgorye (Image Credit: Pesotsky)
The only information the government has of Russian has offered is that it is a mining area, treasure home or food storage as if such places need this level of secrecy. In as much as you would want to visit and know more about Mezhgorye, it is not possible even for the Russians themselves.
Mount Yamantaw is near one of Russia's last remaining nuclear labs, Chelyabinsk-70, raising speculation that it already houses nuclear weapons. Russian newspapers reported in 1996 that it is a part of the "Dead Hand" nuclear retaliatory command structure - Wikipedia
Now let’s discuss other places that did not make it to the list. You may also provide more insight about the above-mentioned most secret places.
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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Maxthon Mobile Browser Review: A Worthy Alternative

While Maxthon Cloud Browser for mobile devices may not be as popular as Opera, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari it is not a new in the block. The lack publicity might be attributed to the rampant internet monopoly where major players hold tight to their market share. 

Maxthon Mobile Browser
Screenshot Of Maxthon Mobile
On the other hand, their non-vigorous marketing strategies may be the reason why you haven’t heard of Maxthon yet. Popularity or not, Maxthon for Mobile is just as refined as any other browser would be. 

Before getting lost into excusing this mobile browser’s alleged lack of popularity, it is important to know a few things about Maxthon Cloud Browser. First, it is developed by Maxthon Limited (a technology firm in San Francisco California, USA). 

Their product, a web browser by the same name, has won several awards and has positive reviews from major reviewers. As they put, this browser is faster and fun.

After using the desktop version for over 6 months, I can confirm with authority that they are good when it comes to speed and apps (easily accessible at their web app store). You can also add as many apps as you wish to the sidebar. 

Interestingly, most of the Maxthon desktop features are available in the mobile versions. This makes it one of the best Mobile Web browsers out there worth trying on Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.

Key features of Maxthon Cloud Browser

Here are the main features that make Maxthon a worthy competitor in an already flooded field:
  • It is available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile phones
  • It has several Cloud services such as Cloud Push (for sending messages and images ), Cloud Share, Cloud Download, Tabs and Sync features
  • It is capable of Full Screen Browsing with Multi-Tab Gestures. It also allows page size adjustment for better browsing experience
  • It has a fully loaded and easy to use App Center
  • It has the Super Gesture feature for closing, creating, restoring and switching tabs. One can also create their own gestures
  • It has Smart Reading features such as Night Mode, Reader Mode (with adjusted fonts) and Read-Ahead which automatically pre-loads pages for faster browsing experience
  • Maxthon supports RSS feed, Offline Download and content sharing 
  • It is fully customized for Windows Phone 8 and iOS 7 and Android 4.2
  • It ensures privacy, switching screen orientation and has brightness control features even on the iOS platform 


Maxthon, like other mobile browsers has its own flaws. For instance:
  • It doesn’t Support Java and Blackberry platforms 
  • It is not that refined on Windows Phone and has some crashes and delays
  • It is slightly slower on Windows Phone 8.


Apart from the glitches on Windows phone 8, Maxthon Cloud browser is excellent on Android and iOS. In addition, it is free and has a wealth of cloud technology that is very difficult to ignore. Fortunately, their team promises to fix all the issues through regular updates.

How to Download and Install

There are three (3) download and installation options for Maxthon users:
  • Windows Mobile users simply need visit Windows and select Maxthon browser under the Apps Section
  • iOS users, Apple’s iTunes is the download site. Search for Maxthon and download as instructed. 
  • Finally, Android users can easily download and install Maxthon directly from Google Play. Whichever download method you are suing, make sure you read the terms of use and instructions on how to get started.
You can also visit their website to get more reviews and instructions on how to download. Alternatively, you can download Maxthon 3 Cloud Browser for desktop and test it yourself.

Remember to share your experience or questions about Maxthon Mobile Browser at the comment box.
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Thursday, November 27, 2014

One Browser Review: The Most Versetile Browser

If you are looking for a simple, fast, free and cross-platform browser, then One Browser should feature in your choices. According to the developers (i.e. Tencent Mobile International Limited), this browser is just a normal app delivering extraordinary things browsing experience.

One Browser
From One Browser HomaPage
Since its release, phrases like ‘blazing fast’, ‘superb video rendering’ and ‘the most versatile browser yet’ have been used to describe this browser. In fact, its description at both Google Play and iTunes points to a dual engine that makes it the fastest browsers yet.

Key Features of One Browser

Apart from being available for iOS 7, Java, Blackberry 10, Android 4.2 and Symbian S60 Operating systems (and of course being free), One Browser has the following advantages:
Fully and excellent support for HTML 5
  • A Smart View feature that renders pages in basic view especially when one is on slow network
  • A powerful Download Manager that supports background download even during calls. In fact, the browser supports Multi-threaded Downloads
  • Support website view switch i.e. easy change between Basic and Desktop Views
  • A modern User Interface with numerous skins to change as one wishes
  • Allows customization of fonts  as well as capture selected parts of the page or the entire page for use
  • A Night Surfing Mode for comfortable reading at night
  • An enhanced connectivity to wireless networks in the most stable way possible
  • Favorite sites are embedded on the browser for easy navigation and access. One Browser also supports browsing history and bookmarks
  • Features like Auto-Completion Of Urls, Tabbed Browsing, Embedded Search Engines (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Aol) and Advanced Compression Technology only help to set this browser apart


It is without doubt that One Browser is not flawless. There are things that still need improvement or fixing. For instance:
  • It doesn’t support Window Phones and thus locking out thousand of Windows Phone users
  • There are security and technical glitches that need to be fixed especially on rendering

How to download and Install

Since this is a cross platform Mobile Browser, the right download site depends entirely on the type of the phone one is using. The following information from the developer's site might help you choose the right download package:
  • Android Version 3.5 – has a download manager and Evernote integration
  • Blackberry Version 3.0 – free browser for Blackberry business phones
  • Java version 3.1 – has a powerful download manager
  • Symbian S60 Version 5 – for most high-end Nokia, Sony Ericson and Samsung phones (those not using Android or Windows Mobile OS)
  • iOS Version 2.1 – for iPhone and iPad
All android users should look for One Browser on Google Play just like Java users can get if from Getjar or any other credible jar site. Alternatively, you can visit on your phone’s inbuilt browsers and select your phone brand and model for the most appropriate download.

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Dolphin Browser Review: So Revolutionary And Fast

If the number of downloads at Google Play is anything to go by, then Dolphin Browser is arguably the most popular android browser.

Dolphin on Android
This intuitive Android browser is the product of Mobotap Inc (a San Francisco-based technology firm priding itself in the development of ‘the most revolutionary mobile browser’).

According to the company’s site, Dolphin aims at transforming the way people experience the mobile web. Well, there is much to support that statement.

First, the over 80 million downloads on Google Play and more than 50 million downloads at iTunes just show how popular the browser is among Android and iOS users.

Key Features of Dolphin Mobile Browser

Now, let’s take a sneak preview into some of the reasons why people love Dolphin Mobile Browser. The fact that it is free for use on your iPhone 5s or HTC One aside, Dolphin Browser has:

  • Android Gesture which allows the user to open certain sites by drawing symbols. For instance, one can access a favorite dating site by simply drawing the heart symbol. Similarly, one can scroll down or up the page by drawing the respective arrows
  • The powerful Sonar Voice Command feature which navigates web pages based on what one says. For instance, the browser will open a New Tab by you just telling it
  • Has the Share and Save to Evernote or box features to improve organized mobile surfing
  • A sync feature known as Dolphin Connect that allows you to import bookmarks, passwords and history from computers and other connected devices. One only needs to install the appropriate desktop extensions to enjoy this feature
  • An App store where you can easily access hundreds of popular sites like Twitter, Facebook , Wikipedia and Amazon among 
  • Supports Android or iOS Add-ons, Flash Video and Tabbed Browsing
  • Jetpack for faster speeds and excellent HTML 5 rendering
  • Both Desktop and Mobile view mode and has one of the best User Interface to boost user experience and satisfaction
  • Sidebar to allow launching of additional features. This also means it makes a good use of the screen real estate
  • Dolphin Key to allow access to the browsers setting tabs and other feature through a single swipe.


Irrespective of the many positive features mentioned above, there are some issues with is browser. For example Dolphin web browser:
  • Is not easy to use and customize
  • Automatically replaces the default browsers
  • May show ads depending on the version one uses


When all things are considered, dolphin Browser is a recommendable download. In fact, it is not strange for even the best app to have some bugs and technical hitches. As long as the developers agree to continually monitor and fix them, Dolphin is a wonderful app.

How to download and Install

Simply visit the Google Play or iTunes and search for Dolphin among browsers. Accept the Terms of Use and download. In both cases the process takes shorter if the internet speed is good and stable.

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Internet Explorer Mobile Review: Browse Faster

If Windows phones were as popular as Windows PC, then Internet Explore Mobile would be the leading browser for phones across the world. Sadly, that is not the case as Internet Explorer is restricted to Windows Phones.

Briefly, windows phones run on the world’s most popular Operating System i.e. Windows. While it may have its challenges, a big percentage of computer users have only known this OS. So, it is a reprieve when Microsoft decided to go Mobile and availed  both the OS and the web browser on mobile devices.

Internet Explorer Logo
From the engine to theme, Internet Explorer Mobile is a replica of the desktop version. Let’s look at some of the features of the browser which has been described as fast, lean and modern by top review sites (such as Wired, Tech Radar and Softpedia among others).

Key Features of Internet Explorer Mobile

Apart from being fast, lean and modern, Internet Explorer Mobile is:
  • Free for all Window phones such the Nokia Lumia Series. In fact, it is the default browser for Window Mobile phones.
  • Has an easy to use User Interface and the best use of screen real estate/or the available browser screen. This browser makes use of the small screen by not including the many search bars or bookmark icons found on other browsers. 
  • Supports Touch Swipe which enables the user to swipe back to the previously visited  webpage
  • Has history feature so that you can track your web browsing session or simply revisit a previously visited url
  • Has Favorite feature that allows the user to save pages for later reading.
  • Is secure and support change of privacy and browser settings. It also has anti-phishing tool and InPrivate browsing option. 


As sleek as this browser may seem, there are some areas that it does perform poorly. For example, Internet Explorer Mobile has:
  • Poor rendering of HTML 5 pages as it is yet to be compatible with most Smartphones
  • Some font recognition issues just like Chrome
  • Bing search engine may not give the same results as Google Search  
  • Not available for iPhones, Java handsets and Android Phones


For Window Phone owners, Internet Explorer Mobile remains the best choice. This isn't to say that there aren't better browsers out there to use (e.g. Maxthon Mobile).

The issue is that Internet Explorer Mobile is so customized for Windows phones than any other browser out there. And again, Microsoft will hopefully sort all the glitches in their latest release

How to download and Install

Simply visit Microsoft mobile download site and download the necessary updates to your phone. At Microsoft App Store, you only need to follow a few simple steps to download and install Internet Explorer Mobile. It is advisable to use Wi-Fi or reliable internet connection to guarantee smooth download and installation.

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Safari For Mobile Review: The Market Leader

A product of one of the technology giants, Safari is not just any other web browser. As strange as this may sound, this is the most popular web browser as far as browsing on Smartphones is concerned. Why?

Safari For Mobile
iPhone is among the most sold phones in the world, and it happens to have Safari Mobile as it default browser. Default in this case points to a preinstalled app. It thus goes without say that every iPhone owner has used Safari Browser once in a while or will continue using it if they choose not to download different browsers.

Many people love Apple because of simplicity and quality, qualities that are well reflected on their mobile browser. For instance, a recent survey by Fixya showed that Safari is the most user-friendly mobile browser.

The survey also looked into Chrome (available for Android and iOS) Opera (Cross-platform), Internet Explorer Mobile (default browser on Window Phones) and Stock Android Browser (default browser on most android phones).

Based on user reviews and the number of concerns expressed, it appeared that Safari gives Smartphone users the best browsing experience. Users who download safari have also increased.

Key Features of Safari Mobile Browser

Safari has the largest market share by the virtue of being on every iPhone and iPad. However, there are additional features that propel its popularity. For instance, Safari Mobile:
  • Has a very simple User Interface
  • Is free and pre-installed on all iOS internet-enabled gadgets e.g. iPhone 5s and iPad Air
  • Allows multiple actions on a single page i.e. you can share, bookmark and email a page without opening another tab
  • Supports Tabbed Browsing, Reading List (the feature that enables you to save a page for later reading)
  • Is secure as it can block third-party data and cookies, allow private browsing and supports the Do Not Track privacy standard.
  • Has built-in power-saving technologies to encourage longer surfing hours
  • Avail free update from iTunes (Apple’s App Store)


As reputable as the company is, there are some issues with Safari browser, which may adversely affect the user experience. For example, it:
  • Has small Screen Space i.e. features are closely packed unlike in Opera or Firefox
  • Doesn't support Flash and thus a substandard video integration compared to Stock Android Browser or Chrome
  • May have some glitches here and there (as reported by some users)
  • s available only available on Apples’ iOS platform thus locking out millions of Android, Windows and Java phone owners.


Though it lacks the video rendering abilities of Android Browser, it still gives the iPhone user the simplest and friendliest surfing experience. You should only be concerned with Safari Mobile Browser if your mobile device runs iOS and the latest OS X Mavericks. Otherwise, go for the other mobile browsers such as Opera, UC Web and Chrome.

How to download and Install

You might not need a fresh installation in most cases as Safari is pre-installed on the iPhone and iPad. However, you can get the latest updates via iTunes or the App Store. The Safari download or update process is usually an easy one and doesn't take long if your internet is good.

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