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2 Most Effective Methods To Lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss is an emotive topic for some. In fact, many people are trying different methods of weight loss just to fit in the society. Interestingly, some cultures have the wrong idea about overweight as a sign of affluence and perfect health. Unfortunately, medical research has always found a correlation between excess body fat and some diseases (i.e. lifestyle diseases). 
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Diseases associated with overweight

  • Heart Disease – overweight facilitates the formation of plague in the coronary arteries. This waxy substance may block or reduce the blood flow and lead to heart attack.
  • Osteoarthritis- obesity leads to wearing of the cartilage in the leg joints and thus causing pain and other symptom associated with osteoporosis
  • Cancer – overweight put you at the risk of getting breast, colon, gallbladder or endometrial cancer. Moreover, latest studies show a relationship between overweight and liver cancer and cancer of the esophagus.
  • High Blood Pressure – obesity means more cholesterol in the body, which can block the blood vessels and lead to high blood pressure. High pressure is also a recipe for many illnesses including heart failure.
  • Gout – mostly result from excess uric acid in the body thus irritating the nerve endings. Excess body weight worsens the pains.
  • Chronic Renal Failure – may not be caused by body fat but made is worse by excess body weight.
  • Type 2 Diabetes – is one of the most dreaded diseases capable of causing nerve and kidney diseases. It may lead to amputation or blindness, if not controlled. Over 80% of the patients are overweight
  • Stroke – is mainly caused by insufficient blood supply to a given part of the body. Since obesity promotes the development of plague, the arteries are eventually blocked thus causing stroke among other diseases.
  • Sleep Apnea – a condition where one has difficulty in breathing when asleep. It is mainly caused by excess fat in the neck region, which can narrows the windpipe.
  • Infertility – the inability to convenience in obese women is real. Research also shows that overweight can significantly alter a woman’s menstrual cycle.

What is the ideal weight?

Due to the controversy surrounding the ideal body weight, it is advisable that you fully understand the parameters used before you start any weight loss program. One of the most used parameter is the Body Mass Index (BMI) method. Briefly, this method rates people with a BMI of about 20 as normal while those with above 25 as overweight. On the other hand, height-weight and bathroom scales remain the main weight determinants for some. You should note that none of the above-mentioned method is perfectly accurate but mere approximates. In extreme cases, individuals even compare themselves with friends or other family members when deciding the best body size.

Irrespective of the method used, muscle-fat ratio and bone density must be included in determining the right body size. This is not to say that sex, age and height are no longer significant, as they remain key determinants of a person’s perfect weight.

Major causes of weight gain

At times the best way to prevent overweight is as simple as understanding the major contributors to overweight. Principally, the imbalance between calories intake and the rate at which it used by the body can either lead to one being underweight or overweight. In brief, energy-in must equal energy-out for one to have an ideal body weight. On the contrary, higher energy-in without it being utilized well leads to overweight or obesity. Other major factors that can lead to overweight include:
  • Hereditary Factors - people with genes for higher appetite and taste thus the need to overeat. Consequently, they need more effort to lose weight compared to other people.
  • Inactive Lifestyle – Lack of exercising and mostly idling is a big recipe fro weight gain. In fact, people with the tendency to watch telly for longer hours at more risk.
  • Health Conditions – conditions like hyperthyroidism are associated with uncontrolled weight gain.
  • Stress and Medicines – being in bad mood affects the normal metabolism of fats in the body. In addition, drugs such as corticosteroids are agents of weight gain.
  • Lack of Sleep – this reduces the metabolism rate which makes in turn lowers the fat burning processes in the body.
  • Pregnancy – usually considered normal but may be long-term if not well managed.
  • Age - .Old age comes with low metabolism, which means less utilization of body fats.

Losing weight the natural way

Once you have determined that you weigh above the normal range, it is only better you approached the weight loss naturally. This means the methods do not have undesirable side effects as is common with most chemicals. There are different categories of natural approaches you can use to get the ideal weight you have been yearning for. Here are some of the most effective natural weight loss methods:

The dietary approach

Most people just have wrong eating habits, which once corrected can help their weight problems. It is advisable that one:
  • Takes vitamin C rich foods such as Citrus
  • Takes herbal tea
  • Eats lots of vegetables and fruits like carrot, orange or pineapple
  • Takes salads and avoids fast foods
  • Avoids carbonated beverages, sugary food, snacks
  • Reduces sodium intake
  • Takes at least eight glasses of water a day to improve
  • Eat a lot of whole grain
  • Takes honey to improve fat metabolism.
  • Consumes oatmeal, soya beans and skimmed milk provide the body with the much-needed protein essential for muscles mass do not stress an individual’s digestive system.
  • Eat five small meals as opposed to the traditional three heavy meals per day
The dietary approach can be summarised as reduced carbohydrate and fat intake, increased calorie burn and a controlled appetite. These are the main dietary rules to observe as far as natural weight loss methods are concerned.

Lifestyle approach

To complement a good diet is a change of lifestyle. In other words, move from inactive lifestyle to an active one. You therefore need to:
  • Walk and jog regularly (preferably in the park for at least 30 minutes)
  • Do some light workouts or dancing in the morning
  • Avoid oversleeping
  • Wear clothes that suppress appetite e.g. blue colored clothes
  • Use stairs instead of elevators
In summary, walking and jogging in the park are some of the best ways to lose weight naturally. On the other hand, exercises will help avert weight gain associated with inactive lifestyle that can reduce the risk of weight related diseases. Gladly all these proposals are flexible and achievable and should be embraced all.

13 Characteristics Of Top Hotels In Las Vegas

If you have not heard about Las Vegas then you are not living in our world or should I say you have ignored many entertainment facets. Briefly, Las Vegas is a city in the Nevada’s Clark County.  Not only is it the undisputed entertainment capital of the world but also an economic powerhouse for Southern Nevada. Its over 500000 residents are mainly businesspersons and retirement families. 

You may be wondering why a comparatively smaller and desert city like Vegas has that kind of world renown. Well, your guess may be as good as mine; flexible entertainment laws. In other words, the city allows all the forms of entertainment you can imagine. Consequently, the city has literally become a household name for shopping, luxury accommodation, sightseeing, and fine dining and of course all sorts of entertainment. In fact, the city boasts of some of most luxurious hotels and resorts in the world.

Las Vegas’ strategic location near the Grand Cannon (a wonder of the world) makes it one of the biggest tourist destinations in the US. It may also interest you to know that the city’s main source of income is tourism. While most of the said tourist may be interested in the natural features and the sunny climate, a sizable number also visit Vegas to behold the aesthetic architecture of hotels. 

Interesting, nature and architecture are not the only contributors to the city’s tourism attraction. In fact, the multicultural festivities and centers can make any visitor feel at home. 

Characteristics of major hotels in Las Vegas

Now that you have the brief background of Vegas, let us look into the types of hotels and characteristics. As mentioned before, most visitors to this city are in pursuit of vacation destination and retirement resorts and sightseeing. Thus, most hotels are equipped with the requisite and modern amenities to serve these interests: below are some of the common amenities you should expect in Las Vegas hotels:

  • Have several restaurants (servicing diverse cuisines), nightclubs, bars, and spacious gaming areas. For instance, a Five-Star hotel in Vegas can have over 10 restaurants or bars
  • Have live entertainment theaters and different racing sports
  • Most have a number of indoor swimming pools, steam, spas, and saunas
  • Have several luxury suites with high-speed in-room internet connection. There are local networks and Wi-Fi not to mention that most hotels have HD screens in each suite
  • Have automated systems from online booking to ordering of services
  • Are self-contained i.e. have almost all the facilities you would need to facilitate your state. For instance, most hotels in Las Vegas have luggage services, maid service, safety deposit boxes, currency exchange and same-day laundry services. 
  • Offer conference facilities, ballrooms to handle all your companies meeting or video conferencing needs.
  • Have banquet facilities for your wedding, graduation, promotion, or birthday parties.
  • Offer Specialty Dinning, casual dining and Buffet. In each case, there are various cuisine, desserts and treats,
  • Most hotels have gyms, health clubs, and general wellness centers to help you be in shape during your stay
  • Personalized room service or concierge as it is commonly known is a norm in most Hotels City.
  • There are executive car-parking services and special amenities for persons with disabilities.
  • Free guided tour and transport services is like a must have in Vegas hotels

Examples of 5-Star Hotels in Vegas

To some, the above amenities might appear exaggerated. Below is a list of some of the top hotels in Vegas with a brief description and photo.

The Venetian

This is one the most amazing hotel and resort in Las Vegas. It boasts of over 500000 square feet of restaurants and modern store. In short, the 56-storey 5-Star hotel has over 60 dining and shopping places. In addition, it boasts of over 3000 suites, Marble bath, shower and tut. You can also relax at the amazing Canyon Ranch Spa Club.
Vegas Hotels, find the best hotel in Vegas
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Among the newest building in the City Center is the 61-storey Aria Hotel. This modern hotel has about 4000 rooms not to mention spas and pools. In fact, Aria there are over 10 restaurants serving different cuisines from just any part of the world you may be think of. Other amenities at this hotel and resort include TV and Music Control, theatre and touch pad lights. It is also one of the most energy compliant buildings in the world.
Hetels in Vegas
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This beautiful and luxurious 5-star hotel is a wonderful place to be. Not only is it graced with over 1200 dancing fountains. You can also expect services as spas, saloon, museum and botanical garden. Bellagio is known for eventful nightlife, fully stocked bars, luxurious duvets buffets, and flat screen TV in each suite.

Vegas Hotels, Best Hotels nin Las Vegas
Photo By: Chip Glover via Flickr

Wynn Las Vegas

Designed to offer all the luxury you can imagine of is the Wynn’s Hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel is not just an architectural masterpiece but also one of the best dinning places in the city. Apart from the 20 plus specialist restaurants, the hotel offers live entertainment every weekend. It I also connected to the Newly-build Encore Hotel. At Wynn, you are sure of an experience of a lifetime.

Best hotel in Las Vegas
Photo by: sipeaches via Flickr

Mandarin Orientals Las Vegas

If you are looking for an LEED® certified hotel with customized leisure plans for the younger fans then Mandarin Orientals Las Vegas is the place to be. This is one of the best places for spa treatment, yoga, and fitness programs. You can also expect modern suites, a number of restaurants and an eventful nightlife here. In addition, there is an ultra modern beauty salon in the hotel among other wonderful amenities

How to find the best hotel in Las Vegas
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In Conclusion

Others major hotels in Las Vegas include, Four Seasons Hotel, The Signature and Trump International Hotel among others.Please drop me a comment below with your views about the article and any other information pertaining to the mentioned hotels. 

Why You Should Visit Les Abymes, Guadeloupe

Have you dreamt of visiting the Caribbean? Well, I bet you have, especially if you do not come from the region. Before we rush to the Bahamas and other popular tourist destination, allow me to introduce the hidden secrets of the Guadeloupe Island. Yes, Guadeloupe I said. This is the little known French Island with a population of less than 500000 people and Les Abymes is its populous city.
Les Abymesm Travel Guide
Vinepearl Hotel - A resort in Les Abymes (Free Image via Wikipedia)
Characteristically, the Caribbean is not populous and might not be your number one ICT or technology hub. However, when it comes to the weather, these islands are the envy of many. Lest I paint a bad picture here, Guadeloupe has some of the best transport networks in the region. For instance, a four-lane highway is available to ensure your visit to the ports and airports is smooth. There are also up to 8 operational airports in this French department, which I believe is not a surprise now that the French are in charge here.

What to expect

So much for an introduction, let us see what Les Abymes (the department’s most populous city) has for you. While list might not be fully exhausted within the contents of this article, you stand to enjoy:

  • The ‘Pure’ French Culture: Unlike France, other French colonies or oversee departments, the people around here are pretty much living a traditional life. From cuisines to the festivities, the French culture is well pronounced.
  • Numerous well-tended tourist attraction centers: Due to their militant protection of the French culture, the Guadeloupe has several historical sites apart from the amazing natural beauty that it is.
  • Sporting: If you love water and related sports then this is the best place to be. From jet skiing, to scuba diving, Les Abymes and Guadeloupe in general has enough fun. Alternatively, you can just relax with friends in the unspoiled beaches and holiday resorts.
  • Vibrant Nightlife: They say the weekends are blazing in Les Abymes and there are enough reasons for that. Imagine being in this small town, tranquil weather and no music? That would bore anyone to death (on a light note though), right? However, that is not the case as there are over three fully equipped nightclubs and joints to visit. Among the fun places to visit at night (or day), include Linstant, Latin and Caraibes Clubs.
  • French Cuisines: While there may be local/Caribbean cuisines, this island is reputably known for mouth-watering French dishes. You should find time and visit one day.

How to reach Les Abymes

Speaking of visit, how does one get to this rather unknown destination? Are there direct and cheap flights to this location? What is the type of accommodation one should one expect? Well, you need not to ask longer. As mentioned earlier, there are too many airports around here and resorts to accommodate you. In addition, the French department is accessible via water and air. There are also modern roads to aid your movement once on the island.

It is also advisable to search online for cheap flights, hotels and car rentals to ease your travel. In fact, you will be overwhelmed with the available options when it comes to airlines, hotel accommodations and car rental services. A word of caution though, do not believe everything you read online. Instead, verify the site and only book cheap flights or hotels from reliable companies, especially with good testimonials. 

I hope you find time to explore this paradise. Just remember to take some captivating and life changing photos to share with friends and me. You may also drop me some info or question in the comment section. Enjoy…. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nairobi

If there exists a self-contained city, then Nairobi would be the outright pick. Before you wonder and infer what ‘self-contained’ is, I’ll try to simplify things. Nairobi (the Kenya’s Capital) is not just an economic powerhouse of East and Central Africa but probable the only city (in the world) with a National Game Park. 

Yes, The Nairobi National Game Park is less than 7 Kilometres from the CBD thus making it part of the city and contributes greatly to the overall beauty. On the other hand, Nairobi has a conducive climate irrespective of its location (this is why it is nicknamed The Green City in the Sun) 
Nairobi City Hall, NCC, Nairobi City Council, Nairobi County, Nairobi City
Nairobi City Hall - Free Image via Wikipedia
Even Mombasa, Lamu and Masaai Mara (which apparently receive more tourists) cannot boast of such uniqueness. They all lack in one area or the other. For instance, Lamu has some of the best beaches and favourable weather but lacks most amenities.  Consequently, it is important look into things setting the city apart. More importantly is the focus on how the various amenities and features are beneficial to the locals and or visitors.

1. Unparalleled financial might in the region

Nairobi is the indomitable economic powerhouse of East and Central Africa. While this may sound farfetched, Nairobi Stock Exchange ranks higher than the other capital markets in the region. A fact that financial pundits will agree indicates large investments are done in Nairobi.

In fact, the City is headquartering a number of multinational firms, a show of faith in the financial stability of the market. The robust real estate industry, existence of a number of 5-Star hotels and numerous other Michelin-Stared hotels guarantee comfortable accommodation to visitors.

Below is a list (and physical address) of the popular 5-Star hotels in Nairobi:
  • Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel – Along Harry Thuku Road ( Nairobi CBD)
  • Laico Regency Hotel – Along Uhuru Highway (Nairobi CBD)
  • Safari Park Hotel and Casino – Along Thika Super Highway (A 2)
  • Hotel Intercontinental – Along Posta Street  (Nairobi CBD)
  • Nairobi Serena Hotel –  Professional Way (Nairobi CBD around Uhuru Park)
  • Sankara Nairobi – Woodvale Grove (Nairobi, Westlands)
  • The Sarova Stanley –  Kenyatta Avenue (Nairobi CBD)
  • The Hilton Nairobi – Mama Ngina Street (Nairobi CBD)
It is important to note that most of the above-mentioned hotels have:
  • Fine Dining on Site
  • Spa, Outdoor pool(s) and fitness centre
  • Morden business centres,  meeting space and high-speed internet
  • Sporting activities such as biking, touring, horseback riding, golfing, jogging, running and shopping are also available through arrangement .

2. Best infrastructure in the region

As mentioned earlier, this is where East Africa does her business and so you would expect it to have roads, Airports, modern buildings and conferencing facilities. Whether you are a tourist/business person, Nairobi has the best conferencing facilities and attractions. Maybe you did not know, the City is home to the UN Habitat and UNEP (two powerful UN bodies). Actually, the organizations are headquartered here and regularly host world leaders.

When it comes to transport, Nairobi is ably served by Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), which also doubles as the busiest airport in the region. All the international flights are handled by the JKIA while the local air transport is supported by Wilson Airport. With a vast network of highways and a super highway, Nairobi is well connected to other cities in Kenya. Admittedly, there is no much to write about when it comes to rail network or metro in the city though it is not a common thing in Africa.

3. The lively night life

Writing about  Nairobi without mentioning its vibrant Nightlife and  security is never a complete.
Despite the security scare in one of Nairobi’s, many shopping malls, the nightlife remains unique and security is tighter than it was before.

If you are looking for where to spend a night, The Carnivore (a restaurant and nightclub situated about 4 kilometers from the city center)  is the place to be. Others include Kengeles, Jazz (both in the CBD), Crooked Q’s, and Galileo’s among others in the Westlands.

4. The rare attractions

Now that you have the idea about what this city is capable of in terms of infrastructure and amenities, let us focus on the places to visit:
  • Nairobi National Park – Kenya’s first National Park is so close to the City Centre. In fact, it is only 7 kilometres from the Central Business District. Not only will you see Ostriches, Zebras, Giraffes here but also the endangered Black Rhinos. In addition, the park has provisions and facilities to support Team Building, Cooperate Bush Dinner and Film Productions among other things.Apart from this amazing game park, you can also visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for elephant viewing. Others include, The Giraffe Centre and Nairobi Mamba Village (arguably the largest crocodile farm in East Africa).
  • Nairobi National Museum - Started in 1910, the remodelled National Museum is your best choice for Contemporary Art, Culture, History and Nature. You might also want to add that the attraction is located just 10 minutes drive from the Nairobi CBD (at the Museum Hill to be precise). Other similar places to visit include the Nairobi Snake Park, Nairobi Gallery and Karen Blixen. The Kenya National archive (Located in the CBD – along Moi Avenue) can also give you a better understanding of Kenya’s history. You can also visit the Railway Museum for speciality viewing.
  • Nairobi Arboretum – Are you in love with trees, or just looking for a quite place to relax and reflect? Well, Kenya’s oldest arboretum is the place to be. This quiet, well-manned park is located in the Kilimani area of Nairobi and thus not far from the City Centre. The other places you could visit for a similar experience include Ngong Hill forest, Karura Forest Reserve among other well-manned forest. One thing is assured here; you never run short of picnic or camping sites when you are in Nairobi.
  • Uhuru Park – One of the biggest parks in Nairobi covering about 13 hectare. Since its opening in 1960s, the park has served as the busiest recreational centre in town. From artificial lake to playgrounds for the children, this is the cheapest way to spend your weekend. Interestingly, its over 100000-capacity assembly ground has turned into the main ground for political rallies. If Uhuru Park isn’t fascinating enough for you then you can visit Kenya’s largest memorial park i.e. Uhuru Gardens along Lang’ata Road. 
  • African Heritage House – This building can only be described as fabulous with artefacts, old textiles, photographs and whatever cultural things you could associate with Africa. Its architecture makes it an attraction to both locals and visitors. Apart from the house, you could also Times Tower, KICC, Social Security House, I&M Bank Tower, Sarit Centre, Village Market, and Anniversary Towers among other skyscrapers to see unique architectural designs.
  • Contrasting Neighbourhoods – Nairobi has some of the leafiest suburbs and arguably the largest informal settlement in Africa. You can actually visit Kibera (one of the largest slums you can imagine of) or the leafy suburbs like of Karen.     
Visiting some of the above attractions will vindicate the title. You will be amazed and find lots of things that could not be exhaustively covered within the contents of this post.  Leave us your experience and observations..

5 Easy Steps To Take Care Of Your Health

That we live in stressful day and age is a thing no one can deny. Some people clearly notice the consequences, others take some time to become fully aware of the influence stress has on their lives. Regardless of the group you belong too, taking control of who you are is of the essence for your future personal and professional development.

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Here are 5 easy steps that need taking in order to improve your health.

Change of diet

Living in a fast lane usually means eating fast and at places that are convenient and on the way. These are usually ready-made meals, fast food, snacks. Their unhealthiness is common knowledge and something that really needs no further discussion.

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Your diet needs a complete change. Fresh fruits and vegetables, beef and other red meat, tea instead of coffee are just some suggestions. Have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, make yourself a sandwich to go or a fresh salad, they all are great energizers and will be more than enough to keep you going throughout the day.

Physical Activity 

This is another thing that is lacking due to extensive office hours, rides to and back from work, computer use, all requiring constant sitting and minimal movements. You need to get physical. Get back to practicing your favorite sport or take fitness classes. Go for a swim twice a week if that is your cup of tea, or take dancing classes.

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The only thing that is important is to activate your long neglected muscles again and you will feel the difference very soon.  


More work and more stress mean less sleep, completing a vicious circle. Break it. A changed diet, accompanied by regular physical activity will surely help sleep deprivation. However, there are ways to take rejuvenation to another level. Treat yourself with regular or at least occasional massage sessions.

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Your muscles will relax and senses sharpen, making you feel new again. Also, indulging in a long bath after a busy day is a sure path to a better sleep. Combine everything above and you will sleep like a baby again

Mental Activity 

Mental activity is of equal importance as physical one when it comes to stress relief. After all, it all comes from our mind setup. Therefore, letting your thoughts adrift from routine activities of thinking about work related issues and other problems that encircle you is the key to clearing your thoughts.

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By all means turn off TV news, start reading again, go to a movie and cup of tea and conversation with your best friend, solve a crossword puzzle, treat your brain with something new.

Do Something Different

You need to break the routine by trying out new things. Take a trip to a place you have never been to, go for a camping trip or an outing away from your place of residence in order to completely change your mindset and physical environment. Life-changing spiritual retreats are the key for starting anew, positive and recuperated.

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As you can see, changing your setting is what is essential for stress relief. Be determined and persistent and the improvements will be quickly noticed.  

This article has been kindly contributed by Marie Nieves, student of economics who loves unusual trips and have a plan to travel the whole world. She has always loved to travel, and she loves to talk about her experiences. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and loves to surf the Internet. An avid lover of photography and regular author on High Style Life.

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10 Simple Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

What comes to your mind whenever you hear couples recite the phrases 'for better or for worse' and 'till death do us apart'? Do you consider the phrases unconscious recitations or powerful vows and strong statements of commitment thus one of the secrets of a happy relationship? Well, some do it for the cameras. To them the vows are mere public relations pranks which have  little to nothing to do with how they'll run their relationship (i.e. courtship or marriage).

On the other hand, there are true believers in the vows as a testimony to just how far they are willing to go to realize a happy marriage. Sadly, the former group are the majority hence the millions of unhappy marriages. The big question is; what to do if things were to go wrong in your marriage? I mean, are there uncomplicated solutions out there? You guessed right, there is help (secrets of a happy relationship) and it doesn't cost a penny maybe your ego :) .

To help you benefit the most from this article, I'll share some of my unwavering beliefs on relationships with specificity to marriage. I believe that:
  • Marriage is between a man and a woman (male and female only) I don't recognize or sympathize with anything more or less
  • Marriage is never outdated or untrendy as some may put it
  • Marriage demands concession from both partners and takes concerted effort to build 
  • Divorce shouldn't be the first option whenever there are misunderstandings in a marriage
  • Couples should be free to seek attention from professionals if internal conflict resolution mechanisms aren't yielding desired results
I hope my personal beliefs are not too off-putting to bar you from moving to the gist. The above beliefs aren't also meant to discourage you from reading but to give a background to the tips I'm going to share here.

For Better or For Worse

Now that you know my stance, let's revisit  the meaning of 'for better or for worse'. Outwardly, this means you will stand by your partner irrespective of the circumstances they will be facing. In fact, it wouldn't matter if the other partner was to become terminally ill or greatly incapacitated.

Inwardly, this vow means sacrificing all your pride and selfish plans  at the alter of love for the sake of your partner. It is not one of those statements you say on 'a light note'. This is serious business; a life changing pronouncement that demands you be sober, careful and fully persuaded before you say it to anyone. All the secrets of a happy relationship are pegged on such understanding. Here are the 10 tips you will find very helpful:

1. Love your partner

Understand that you have different needs when it comes to love. For instance, while romantic expressions and acts promotes self-worth in a woman, a man gets motivated to pursue, invest or plan better when they feel loved. 

Love, Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

In other words, a woman's love is emotional as a man's love is physical. That is why the latter expresses their love through supporting and protecting his family. It is important that you practice the unconditional, selfless and permanent love as that is the only definition of genuine love.

2. Communicate with you spouse

Almost all marriage's conflicts could be avoided if only the partners could talk openly over issues affecting them. Isn't it sad that most couples don't have freedom of expression or discourse. To alleviate this, learn to treat each other as an important pillar of your relationship and who has equal right to express their feelings on
 all matters.Communication, Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

This shouldn't , however, be taken out of control and turned in arrogant exchange of words whenever one has dissenting opinion(s). Simply, communicate respectfully and find solutions to your differences based on facts and not emotions.

3. Understand your companion

There are certain needs that neither the man nor the woman can substitute. Understanding these special needs is key to a successful marriage. For instance, while mood changes and the desire for undivided attention is very normal in women, most men will find these changes and demands offending.

Understanding,Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

On the other hand, men are obsessed with societal status and position which might not go well with some ladies. Therefore, reaching a compromise and understanding that these special needs are not going to vanish any sooner is the antidote to endless strife we often see in marriages today.

4. Appreciate you mate

The need to be appreciated is universal. No one wants to go unnoticed and feeling unappreciated, especially in marriage. If you are not going to appreciate your partner's achievement(s) however minimal, that marriage is a recipe for unending but unnecessary conflicts.

I'm not in any way promoting half-backed appreciations or flatter. No, such will backfire and destroy your marriage. The idea is putting yourself in your partner's shoes and appreciating the effort they put to achieve a given goal. Learn to give gifts to show these appreciations. 

Appreciation, Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

Again, gifts are not a compulsory part of a healthy relationship but rather a voluntary expression of gratitude. So, you don't have to go out of your way to buy things you cannot comfortably pay for and certainly not when it doesn't come from deep within your heart.

5. Accept your partner

Where communication exists, acceptance will naturally set in. You just need to ask God to give you the serenity to accept all those things you cannot change in your partner as well as the courage to change what can be changed. 

Acceptance, 10 Simple Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

Most importantly, ask for the wisdom to know what things you can change in your partner and those that you must accept and live with. If you are wondering how on earth are you going to accept your partners weaknesses then just give yourself review and you'll find out that you are neither perfect. Accepting your partner is a powerful secret of a happy marriage.

6. Support your mate

Did you know that power struggle and the non-mutual submission in marriage are the root cause of most marital problems? Now, while this assertion might be subject to debate, the truth is that power struggle and the indecisiveness in choosing roles in a marriage/relationship have contributed to a considerable percentage of divorce today.

Support, 10 Simple Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

If you want to support your mate then agree on a mutual submission where both partners agree to recognize individual competencies. Adapting a 'give and take' kind of leadership in marriage may be the miracle you've been waiting for. Just remember that neither of the partners wants to be dictated to and that submission is the willingness to adapt one's rights to those of another. 

7. Have fun with your spouse

Having fun isn't the preserve of the movies and the dating period. It is a way of life for lovers as they always find solace and happiness in the company of each other. Having fun must not only be a paid up vacation at a private beach in the Caribbean, but can be as simple as reading a comic book together, playing video games or just riding a bicycle together. 

Having Fun, Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

It is advisable that you find a fun activity that you and your partner have passion for then enjoy it as much as you can. 

8. Sexually fulfill you partner

As weird as this may sound, this point overrides all the secrets of a happy relationship. In short, if either partner isn't sexually satisfied in marriage, they will never be happy even if you practiced the former and the latter tips. So, communicate with your partner and openly discuss what you would term a successful coitus. The word is 'openly discuss'. 

Sexual Satisfaction, 10 Simple Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

There is no need to be shy about it considering it is the key to a happy marriage. In fact, all infidelities have something to do with sexual deprivation. Therefore, rise up and protect your marriage by sexually satisfying your mate. 

9. Set boundaries 

As alluded to under the 'support your mate' tip, roles are important. However, it is even better if partners voluntarily took responsibilities and executed them. Loving couples are always open about their finances and practice effective budgeting and management of finances. Therefore, sit down as a family and assign each other responsibility based on their ability and willingness. 

No partner should appear to be overdependent as this will promote a feeling of superiority in the 'providing partner'. Interestingly, you mustn't  have a job to take responsibility. There are simple roles such as washing the dishes which don't need money to execute. 

Boundaries, Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

What about personal time and privacy issues? While openness is encouraged in any relationship, it should not deny one the right to privacy. Sometimes you may get to 'open' that you forget that privacy is such an important secret of a happy marriage. So, scouring your partner's phone, mails and all manner of stalking can only mean lack of trust.

You ought to agree on things that are off-limit (for example there are times when your partner requests for a 'time alone'). Yo should know better than to intrude at such times. Setting clear boundaries will help you stay with each other as equals, and boost your self-esteem. to paying house mortgage.

10. Worship with your mate

Most of the married couples do wrong being insisting on this point while neglecting the others discussed before. Worshiping together is never to be discussed if the partners above tips are practiced; it will come automatically. Just learn to honestly pray for the success of your partner and of your marriage. You should also avoid any denominational or religious differences and be members of one congregation.

Worshiping Together, Secrets Of A Happy Relationship

Now, go ahead and honestly evaluate your marriage against the 10 points and adjust where necessary. It is never advisable to ask for separation or file for divorce just because things don't seem to work out between you. Always ask why the two of you came together and if it was worth it before you even think of divorce.

In addition, find out the reason why you've held for that long, and whether that reason is no longer as important before you quit your marriage. However, this should not be misunderstood to mean that you must stay in a relationship with an unrepentant, unfaithful and or abuse partner.

It is just a simple reminder that there is always a solution to every problem and just because you can't see the solution yet doesn't mean it isn't available.

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Just Who Is The Chief Of Staff: A Complete Job Description

The Chief of Staff’s main role is to support the company’s CEO as far as the management of staff is concerned. They are also responsible for executive business management. In fact, job description for the chief of staff does not align them to a specific job family. As senior officers in the company/organization, they may only answer to the CEO and or the board of directors. So, roles of the Chief Of Staff?
Chief Of Staff: A Complete Job Description
Mr. McDonough, White House Chief Of Staff (Image Credit: 11alive.com)
Primary Responsibilities
  • Planning and directing administrative, operational and financial of the firm on behalf the CEO and or Board of Directors is among the key roles of the Chief Of Staff
  • Acting as the contact person between  the company’s top management and employees/stakeholders
  • Overseeing and managing highly prioritized projects
  • Leading and directing the work of others.
  • Regularly submitting reports to the CEO.
  • Providing strategic advice to chief executive officer and or the management to improve the daily management of the company
  • The chief of staff job description requires them to works with the different aspects of organizational finance.
  • Participating in the development of financial strategies is also among the roles of the Chief Of Staff
  • Advising the on the benefits and drawbacks of using optional financial analysis tools
  • Creating and interpreting various financial reports
  • Suggesting problem resolution approaches and procedures
  • Coaching others on how to interpret the financial results based on the use of a analytical tools
  • Taking up other responsibilities as directed by the CEO 

Academic Requirements

  • To execute the roles of the Chief Of Staff, a bachelor's degree within a relevant field
  • At least a master's degree in business, economics and other managerial disciplines 
  • A PhD in the relevant field is an added advantage (not compulsory though) 


  • Chief of Staff  job description requires the applicants to have at least 15 years of experience within middle to upper management positions 

Skills and Abilities

  • The candidate must have exceptional communication skills and the ability to multitask 
  • The chief of staff should be a renowned performer, manager and have solid leadership skills
  • The chief of staff job description also demands he/she be a skilled coach as well as supervisor 
  • The holder of the office must be result driven and able to motivate or inspire both junior and senior staff
  • Must be focused on quality i.e. delivering excellent services to the company and customers
  • Must be an outstanding developer of budgets (i.e. be able to come up with effective budgets within the shortest time possible and as directed)
  • One of the Staff Manager’s required skill set is the ability to work with different people and ability  to remain calm under pressure 
  • The holder of the office must have high analytical skills, be able to see patterns, be a fast thinker and a good decision maker
  • Should be strong willed, a fast learner and a able to effect changes fast (based on customer or employee feedbacks) 
  • The office holder must be proficient in basic computer modules especially using the Office suite
  • Carrying out the roles of the Chief Of Staff requires strong presentation skills

The position of Staff Manager (as they are sometimes called) is a sensitive one. Therefore, the employers are advised not to overlook academic qualifications, experience and the recommended skill sets. Instead they should be thorough and only pick candidates who posses almost or all that is in the chief of staff job description.