Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Career Tips: 13 primary responsibilities of a warehouse worker

A Warehouse worker receives, stores, documents and delivers materials within the company. In most cases, they are tasked with filling of shipment forms and direct delivery of products to customers. Since the job involves driving to and from vendors, it is important that the warehouse worker be an experienced driver. A warehouse Worker reports to the Plant Manager or supervisor.
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The 6 skills that defines a good store manager

A store manager is tasked with, as the name suggests oversees the day-to-day activities in a retail store. Their duties range from development of pricing strategies to directly handling customers’ concerns. A store manager is also involved in the recruitment of staff.
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Hiring Guide: Qualities of an excellent Chief Operating Officer (COO)

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) handles all the practical operational aspects of the firm. They are expected to team up with the company President/ Chief Executive Officer to develop effective operational strategies. The COO is also a leader, manager and visionary in the firm. They also oversee all the customer support programs, development and testing of new software as well as product design and management. On the hand, the Chief Operating Officer is the liaison between the company and its customers.
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The 15 attributes every Executive Director must possess

An executive director is tasked with successfully leading and managing the company to achieve its mission. They therefore plan and manage operations, programs, human resources, finances, community relations and risks. The executive director also serves as the firm’s liaison officer (i.e. the bridge between the firm and other stakeholders). They work with and answer to the board of governors/directors. Briefly, the executive officer runs the company on behalf the board.

Monday, April 14, 2014

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10 skills and abilities every data entry clerk must have

A data entry clerk has the most straightforward job. Their work involves entering information into a computer system or database and constantly updating it. Accuracy speed and diligence are therefore part of the job. The clerk is expected to interpret complex data, monitor and evaluate the company’s data systems and carryout the necessary changes. A background in database management, proficiency in computer office suite and outstanding clerical skills are necessary for data entry clerks.
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The 5 skills every Home Health Aide should possess

A home health aide is trained to offer personalized healthcare to the disabled, elderly and the recuperative (i.e. those still recovering). They also assist the cognitively impaired and those who suffer from chronic illnesses. Their responsibilities include dressing, bathing and or grooming the said persons. As the name suggests, home health aides carry out their duties in residential care facilities or the patients’ home. It is important to note that the aides operations are restricted to homes and special residential amenities.