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5 Tips for Living With a Small Bathroom

Thursday, February 26, 2015 / No Comments
If you are a possessor of a tiny bathroom instead of more spacious one, there is nothing to worry about. Although it can be a challenge to decorate tiny bathrooms, they can also look fascinating. Bathroom is the place where you need to feel full relaxation and comfort and that is why it is so essential to choose the most appropriate design for this facility, no matter of its size.
5 Tips for Living With a Small Bathroom
A small organised Bathroom

Small bathrooms also have their advantages and as long as you make them cosy, they will serve you in the best way.

In this article you will be acquainted with very useful tips for your small bathroom. Taking into account the following information will help you to use the space in your bath in the most appropriate manner. Following the latest modernities in the interior design can also contribute for having your small bathroom excellently renovated and ready for use.

Look at the tips and choose the ones that appeal to you:

1. Use a Nice Shower Curtain

If you use a shower curtain you will definitely save up a lot of space in your bathroom. Many owners of small bathrooms prefer the shower curtains over the glass doors because they make the space look larger than it actually is. The colour of the shower curtain strongly depends on your taste, however, my advice is to stick to the lighter colours for offering more spacious and open image of the bathroom

2. Consider the Corner Sink as an Option for the Bathroom

The sink in your tiny bathroom can disturb your comfort and traffic in case its size is inappropriate for the space. Here you can consider the option for a corner sink, by instaling it across the toilet, not across the shower. This will give you the chance to feel more than comfortable in your bathroom, regardless of its space.

3. Mounting of a Vanity

If you really want to make more free space for some tiny objects, one of the options that you have is mounting a vanity above the floor. Your bathroom will become bigger and you will free up space for situating other commodities.

4. Think of a Compact and More Elegant Toilet

Downsizing your toilet is another tip that will make your bathroom more spacious place. You can change your old toilet with more elegant and compact one, that will suit ideally your excellently looking tiny bathroom. One very important advantage of the new toilets is that they are environmentally friendly, which means that they use less water.

5. Consider the Lighting in the Bathroom

Lighting can really play a great role, especially if you are a possessor of a tiny bathroom. Decorative lighting can make the bath look larger and more comfortable and if you go further you can think of situating task lights around the shower and sink area.

These are some of the basic tips that will help you to choose the best design for your tiny bathroom. Apart from the decorations and renovations, you need to provide cleaning of your favourite bathroom on regular basis. Choose appropriate detergents and make the bathroom sparkling clean.

As, you have a smaller bathroom, it will take you less time to provide the cleaning, which tends to be a great benefit. You don't need to have a giant bathroom as long as you know how to arrange the furniture and the accessories in the appropriate way. Be creative and choose modern and innovative design for your lovely tiny bathroom that will expand the space and that will ensure the comfort there.

The article is written thanks to DomesticCleaners Putney

Speed Cleaning Tips for Efficient Housekeeping

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 / No Comments
You have probably wished many times that you had a magical machine that would help you to clean your house in the fastest possible way. Unfortunately, despite the advancement of the technologies, you still need to make significant efforts, if you want to maintain a high level of  hygiene in your home. Of course, in case you can afford to have your property cleaned, there is nothing to worry about but if you really want to speed up the process of cleaning, this article will be more than useful for you.

There are certain tips that could help you to facilitate your household duties and that will save you up a lot of time. Apart from this, you will have the chance to plan your arrangements in a better way and to have more time for pleasant activities. Without turning yourself into a cleaning robot, you will be able to ensure the comfort in your sparkling clean home, as long as you keep in mind the following ideas provided by TenancyClean W9.

Housekeeping, Cleaning Tips
Common Sweeping Tools  

Make Investment In Appropriate Tools and Detergents

If you want to ensure the fast and effective cleaning process, you had better choose high-quality tools and detergents. Forget about the gadgets that you had used before and equip yourself in an appropriate manner. Throw away the old-fashioned grooms and other ineffective tools and replace them with more modern mops and vacuum cleaners. To speed the cleaning in your home  is not difficult at all but I advise you not to underestimate the importance of the proper cleaning equipment.

Dress Appropriately for The Occasion

If you feel uncomfortable in your own clothes, while you provide the household duties, you are less likely to finish with the cleaning on time. Of course, that won't stop you from doing in the right manner, however, you will need more time and efforts to devote. Choose clothes that are comfortable and moreover, those ones that are washable. Ensure the protection of your hands by putting on  gloves, especially if you use chemical  substances for the treatment of the surfaces.

Follow a well-established system for Cleaning

If you plan the cleaning process carefully, you will probably find out that you will be able to finish with the housework earlier than expected. It has been proven that the best pattern to follow when cleaning your home is to start with the top floor and to continue clockwise and down. When following this system you will definitely increase the speed of cleaning, without wasting any useful time.

Manage with the chaos

One thing to do before you start with the cleaning is to make sure that chaos does not reign over your home. Arrange your rooms by putting all the items at their place. This will help you to speed up the cleaning process afterwards and not to interrupt it every time you need to put an order in the rooms. You will probably agree that if the surfaces are covered with items, you will find it more difficult to clean the room in a fast way.

These are some of the most useful speed cleaning tips that will allow you to plan better your schedule, without missing the essential cleaning duties that you should provide on regular basis. If you develop an organized cleaning scheme to follow, you can save up a lot of time without any difficulty. Forget about the old-fashioned and time-consuming methods of working and be prepared for a fast and modern cleaning of your entire home. After that, you can freely devote all of your time to other important arrangements or activities.

Simple Hotel Etiquettes That You Need To Follow

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 / No Comments
Staying at hotel is always fun especially when you are not doing it often. The hotel rooms, breakfast, service, reception and all other amenities may attract you every time you visit a hotel for business or leisure stay. You pay money to stay at hotel but when you stay at some good hotel, there are certain etiquettes as well to follow.

These hotel etiquettes are not mentioned anywhere or you would not find them written on the hotel booklet but these are the general etiquettes that are expected to be followed.

Hotel Etiquettes

Hotel etiquettes you may follow

Be truthful with your reservations

Reserving the hotel room in advance is a practice and many of the hotels do it for you without charging any advance. Some hotels would not even charge the cancellation charges in case of untimely cancellations but that doesn’t mean that you book rooms before making concrete plans. On doing this, you will get the story to tell your friends but it is not at all an ethical practice. Also, be truthful with the front office at hotel and let them know the number of guests beforehand as saving on extra bucks by lying about the guests is strictly not appreciated.

Don’t mess up the room just to get the value out of your money

Many hotel guests think that they have paid more than enough to the hotel for one night stay and hence they tend to find value for money. In the process they mess up the room, use unnecessary toiletries, use up the towels and napkins in untidy way and so on. This is very much against the hotel etiquettes. The room should be kept clean and tidy without expecting the housekeeping staff to do it for you. Stay there as you stay at your home!

Go easy on food

The guests may believe that when they have paid for free breakfast or the luxurious room, it becomes their birthright to waste and spoil everything. This is again a big offense. Go easy on food even if it is free. All free things may feel like a treat but please, don’t take undue advantage of these freebies as you are in a way hurting the environment. The wasted food or unnecessary use of toiletries and tissue papers may end up ruining the environment.

Don’t become the source of noise pollution

It is true that when you are on vacation with friends and family, you are free to do anything. You can talk loudly, sing and laugh but when you do this you are eventually becoming the source of noise pollution. Talk softly and keep your celebrations to yourselves as everybody around may not be on vacation.
Generously tip the housekeeping staff

The housekeeping staff may have been instrumental in making your stay comfortable and you should tip them with generosity. Yes, they are paid for doing this job but the perks of tips are always considered while deciding their salaries; hence play your part in up keeping of their financial wellbeing.

All these hotel etiquettes are almost standard all over the world and you can make it a point to follow these etiquettes in a process of being a good guest!

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